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Re: Naruto Chapter 585

@ veng
most 3 year olds do not understand the concept of cooking. that's why your example will not work. like i said, if you were a parent, and understood and comprehended how the mind of a toddler works, you would understand exactly what i'm saying.

i could give two rats' asses about the ccc. it's a f'ed up group. i'll give you that. i was never talking about the group. i think it's ridiculous how feeble minds will blindly follow any politician now-a-days believing said politician is some saviour, i.e. most of america's youth with obama.

half of the guy's campaign promises were unconstitutional. just like with barbour, there's some good and some bad. same for obama. you want to drag out the skeletons of barbour's closet, but you neglect the one's in obama's.

me personally, i didn't vote for obama. and i honestly believe that if voters were required to take a civics test, there's a strong possibility that obama wouldn't have won. hell, john mccain may have not won the republican nomination at that. i am glad though, that obama did win, just for the fact, that we now have had our first... non-white president (he's the product of an interracial marriage after all). with that said though, i think that those who voted for obama because of the "black" factor are just as racist as those who didn't vote for him for the very same reason.


unless either of you are parents or are placed in the position to care for a person having dominion over said person, you will never fully understand the concept of free will. because only in that position, are you able to allow another to have free will, or restrict said person's will.

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