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Re: Parenting 101

because you're proving you don't.

first and foremost, you're proving you don't pay attention.
i never said my daughter was 3. she's not even 2.

if a toddler is able to understand and comprehend the concept of preparing food alone (not cooking) that child would be labeled a prodigy. i'm not disagreeing with your statement about a child's brain learning the most in the "toddler years".

what i am saying is that you are showing you have no concept of having dominion over another human being, which is exactly what parenthood is.

that child relies on you for everything. food, water, shelter, comfort, education,... everything. that child must learn things. guess what... by the age of two, most children have suffered some form of burning or applied pressure (fingers smashed in doors) to an appendage. some kids, unfortunately, have had some broken bones at this point.

pain is experience. pain is understanding. pain is comprehension. pain is all of these. my daughter has smashed her fingers only once, in her bedroom door (she use to close the doors on the hinged side). she hasn't since that time she smashed her fingers (she learned from that experience, understood the pain, and comprehended that in order to close the door and not feel that pain, she needs to close it on the knobbed side).

your sense of parenting comes from a book, which often is written by a person/psycologist/phsychiatrist who has no or very little parenting experience. which by the way, are often very liberal based.

all of this goes back to free will, and your snide remarks about a creator who allows free will.

as a parent, do you shelter your child and keep them safe and ignorant? or do you let them live, make mistakes, and learn from them?

unless you have a child or person who is dependent upon you for the life and livelihood, don't even bother answering that question.
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