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Re: Parenting 101

you're so full of yourself, it's disgusting.

1. I can tell you're not a parent, just by how you are approaching the topic.
2. The way you are approaching the topic is textbook parenting, nothing based on real life experience.
3. I'm married. I have a wife. Ever heard the saying: happy wife, happy life?
4. My daughter is almost 2. And yes, I do know what parenting is about. My daughter is not the first person who has been dependent on me for their livelihood and life. But for simplicity's sake, I'll just stick with my daughter. I want her to experience certain things and learn from them. But also, as a father, I do not want my child to feel pain. I know she must experience though to my char-grin. You are implying that you think every child should experience pain (which to me shows you lack that certain protective aspect that comes with fatherhood, that or you really don't care for the child's boo boos). I know that pain is going to come, because I'm not omnipresent. I can't protect her from everything. But as a toddler, by God, I'm going to protect her as much as possible. Once my wife and I have agreed to a point to let her burn herself, if she hasn't done so already, then we'll allow it to happen under our guidance.
5. You just do not get the correlation between parenthood and free will do you?

And finally, when it comes to God...
1. You teach and rear the child to become a respectable,upstanding human being.
2. While I will teach my children how they should lead their lives, they still have to make their own decisions when they are adults. As a parent, you give them the information, guide them how to make informed decisions, and trust they make the right decision.
3. Your examples for the deadly sins are laughable at best. You're basically saying that only by working and sleeping are you not sinning. God wants us to relax. He's going to give you what you need. Sometimes it is what you want, sometimes it's not. There is nothing wrong with wanting a new toy (or new vehicle for adults). When it becomes a sin is when you want a certain person's toy (or vehicle). There's nothing wrong with my daughter wanting a bike like our neighbor kid's (nor me wanting a suv like the one our neighbors have).

You come across in these posts as the typical "let's bash Christianity and show how ridiculous their livestyle is" asshole. And I know you like the asshole remark. You take pride in it. Otherwise you wouldn't be an ass to just about everyone on here.

I've disagreed with mest before. I was proven wrong. I said my bad. I can admit I'm wrong. You on the otherhand, I have not seen that on any thread that I have read here.

you're just as clueless as veng. never claimed to be a guru. but i know a phony when I see one. and just like I said earlier, until you are a parent, you'll have no idea of the concept of free will, and what control you have over that for another.
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