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Re: Parenting 101

To kill this bullshit conversation about whether this sin or that sin or whatever sin is wrong by Christian standards, why the hell should everyone have to live by Christian morals and Christian doctrine and Christian religious law? It's not just Christianity, it's all religions. Religion deserves no power over the individual except that which the individual lets him/herself believe to follow. A Buddhist should not be forced to have his child baptized, right? There's no reason for an Atheist or a Hindu to go to Confession, is there? Then why in the hell should homosexuals be forced to live under doctrine based on Abrahamic religious belief? Why the shit do people actually believe Creationism, and Abrahamic Creationism alone, deserves to be taught as "science" in public schools? There are some acts which are considered morally wrong on a secular level, things like murder and theft and whatnot, but they are based on Enlightenment ideas of the individual's rights which cannot be taken away by anyone, not even the government. If free will is such a right, and if you're going to argue that people shouldn't have free will then holy shit we're done here, then no one has the power, least of all a religion of less than 2000 years of seniority based on a book written before the bronze age, to say that two consenting adults should not have the right to enter a legal contract (by the way, that's what marriage is and always has been) to commit to one another, regardless of whether it's heterosexual or homosexual.
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