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Re: Parenting 101

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
If free will is such a right, and if you're going to argue that people shouldn't have free will then holy shit we're done here
i don't think you are understanding what i'm saying.

me personally, i believe the greatest gift from God is Jesus, and the opportunity of eternal life through him. the second greatest gift, if free will. he's given me the will to choose my fate, whether it is what he wants or not.

the only way a person can truly understand the concept of allowing/restricting a person's will is by being a parent or guardian of an individual who depends on you for their life and livelihood. that's why i used the example of a hot surface, and do i let my daughter touch it -> hence learning the lesson that hot things are bad and bring harm (at an early age); or do i keep her from said things -> hence restricting her free will, keeping her safe, and subsequently ignorant of hot things (at the early age).

as children grow and mature, i'm sure we all agree that we have to let the child "spread their wings and fly" to ascertain what is out there, and for the child to reach his/her potential in life. but they're given the choice to make for themselves. but i also think we are all in agreement, that we shouldn't let a toddler do as he or she pleases, and have complete free will.

and just for the christian related argument, the point at which a person "spreads their wings and flies" is called the age of accountability.
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