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Re: Parenting 101

the people who already posted shows how theres a large array of different people with different beliefs even if they claim to fall under this religion or that. even if they fall under the same religion, their beliefs may not be the same.

so hyde is ok with gays as long as they dont talk about anything relating to being so. thats not really accepting gays, its more of, u want to be ignorant of them being gay. (unless you and ur friends are the type to neverrrrr talk about ur own relationships/love/sex/etc with each other) if it was acceptable, it would be like any other thing guys talk about, like if their gf been bitching at them, a gay guy should be able to say how his bf has been bitching at him. if the guy was talking about hot steamy anal he had last night then yea thats going overboard, but not because its gay, but because its too much detail about his sex life. wouldnt want to hear my friends talking about their sexual experiences for daily chat or anything lol XD

as for the child thing, when your child have the ability to understand, they will when you explain things. its usually the time when they start asking a lot of questions. but before that they wont get it. the age range that a kid is "suppose" to start understanding cognitively is guessed, it is not the case for all children. it should be based on individual children.

for the hot object talk in general, you should only have to tell the kid not to touch it, but kids are kids, depending on their personality, some will touch it anyways. that is where u let them make their own choices. u can only try to prevent bad things from happening to them, u do not control their will. (unless u chain ur kid up in ur closet and forcefully prevent them from everything or something)

//i have no kids but ive studied the bookz about it and have taken care of many kids for about 6 years now(thats minus kids of family ive watched over before), ive seen how many different kids grow and change over the years. and for those that go by "the book," its completely different for different kids. as far as child development goes, saying a child has this disorder or that is just fucking bullshit. people are just making things up to make up for their kid who isnt developing or acting the way they want them to. if they were real, 90% of small kids have ODD. if you dont know what that is, look it up, its insane.

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