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Re: jekyl_hyde's Thread of Bullshit

Oh, this thread is going to be fun. Nothing like a bunch of people arguing over whether or not they have the right to decide whether or not people who are different than them should have rights or be able to live the way they want, so long as they aren't infracting on anyone else's rights and freedoms. (Guess what the correct answer to this is... not much of a debate if you're honest.)

Anyway, might come back and knock some heads around, but since it's happened a few times, I want to make two points:

A) Anecdotal evidence is the weakest argument. (Hey, I've heard so and so hugged a black guy - he's totally not racist.) Argue from documentation and true evidence. Don't give me crap that someone is OK with something because they've brushed up against it in a minor way. If you have a problem with homosexuals having the same rights and freedoms as every other human being, then you have a problem with homosexuals. You are NOT okay with them. Pure and simple. You think they are not as good as your heterosexual life to be included on even terms. Dress it up however you want, that's the truth.

2) Another poor argument: "you've never been a parent so you can't understand." Get the fuck out of Dodge with that bullshit. Are we to believe anyone here hasn't been exposed to parenting in some shape of form? Particularly because pretty well all of us have parents and definitely had parents or a caregiver at some point. I'd expect a boy raised by wolves has a tenuous grasp on parenting. I get continually hit with the "oh, you'll understand one day." Fuck you - my brain works perfectly well and I had two wonderful parents who raised me. I think I can suss out what it is like to be a parent even without fully experiencing it.

Furthermore, just because you are a parent doesn't make any of your statements more valid. Hell, a person who is an absolutely terrible parent would actually have less worth to their words than someone who's never fucked up at it before. So drop the bullshit. Vengeance's opinions and thoughts on child-rearing and homosexuality are not belittled by the fact that he's never procreated.
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