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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Kael03 - first off, who the f*ck are you? Critiquing my critiques, really? Like you're the damn warden in the Naruto Forum or something. Talk your thumb out of your a$$ now and suck it easy you f-ing clown. Nothing is directed to you or about you so you could just avoid even addressing what I post but no, you gotta make noise just because you can. I'm here reading people who take the manga and put creative twists to is, period. And I give props to people who do it in a way thats enjoyable. How in the hell is that your business bro or something you gotta try to comment on? You a suck-L, meaning losers in the states where I'm from. So back off when you see me posting giving props to the writers in a FAN FICTION THREAD you dip sh*t.

And oh, I apologize for posting my replies from my iPhone. I tap left and it goes right on occasion so I will apologize for that. But man, get a damn grip. You stepped way out of bounds my friend. So back it up and keep it moving.

And like I said, keep it coming fellas.
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