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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Wtf man?This all shit started because of the edit button? I thought that this was the Fanfic area. Kiddjutsu, as much as I appreciate your comments cut it out. This is not the place to argue on such stupid things. Kael was right, you were triple posting. End of discussion. You don't pick internet fights with people that are actually intelligent. Hell, if you would have done it with KYF i would stayed out of this, but you're not talking to idiots man. So listen to Kael he didn't said it in an offensive manner. I appreciate that you are liking our stuff, but dammit man...they have a reason for telling you to start editing your posts. This it's a place where we post our short ideas, personally for me it's a place to practice my english and keeping my writing skills not rusty. So stick with the comments for the fanfiction here and don't argue. Because there are people who actually wants to read our stuff, and they only see a wall of text where you're arguing with kael and mest.

And about the fanfic now...

I decided to change a bit the mithology. The indian gods will be slowly replaced. Vishnu will be revealed as a pawn to much more powerful deities. It took a lot of research, because i wanted everything to connect perfectly, but in two days the chapter will be up. I just started working on it, and it's going to be awesome. The Hyuuga riot will take place and it will change everything. Again. So thanks for the kind words so far. And don't start fights anymore guys!
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