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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
Aaaand...who are you again? You signed up to this forum only to involve in arguments? Because i haven't saw you posting something actually reasonable since you're here. It's clearly that you have some kind of grudge against Kael, but do this somewhere else. The fanfic thread it's not the place to display your childhood frustrations, which obviously are centered around your personal fear of being a pussy. Maybe your manhood died, i dunno and i don't care.But honestly,get the fuck out whinny bitch.
you are correct, i don't contribute much....i read tso's,numinous's and all the others predictions for the last 3+ yrs on other websites (with others taking credit for them)....once i found their true source, i became a member for the sole purpose of giving props to the person who actually deserves it

so i'm sorry if my post count doesn't fucking satisfy you

and yea i don't care for kael one bit.........would like to give him a beating in
real life

i have witnessed this same shit from him and the guys in his little clik that all thank each others posts over and over too many times......that shit makes me wanna puke

they gang up on people all the time

i wouldn't have entered this discussion if had stayed between kael and it should have

also let me ask you this......instead of going out of his way to be a prick could kael have not said "what up kidd, welcome to fandom, nice to have new members.......but you may want to edit your previous post instead of double posting.....that could get you infracted"

the answer to that rhetorical question is yes, he could have and the whole thing would have been avoided
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