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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by IXI ANIMO IXI View Post
and yea i don't care for kael one bit.........would like to give him a beating in
real life
Onoez! Internet tough guy!

i have witnessed this same shit from him and the guys in his little clik that all thank each others posts over and over too many times......that shit makes me wanna puke
There's an easy solution to your stomach issues. Either take some medicine, or just leave the forum. No one is forcing you to log in here.

they gang up on people all the time
lolwut? No, we don't. The only time we act like this is in the presence of utter stupidity. Kidd's response to my initial post was stupid, even you have to agree to that.

also let me ask you this......instead of going out of his way to be a prick could kael have not said "what up kidd, welcome to fandom, nice to have new members.......but you may want to edit your previous post instead of double posting.....that could get you infracted"

the answer to that rhetorical question is yes, he could have and the whole thing would have been avoided
Hmm, if by saying "There's an edit button for a reason" garnered a response filled with vulgarity because I was "critiquing his critique", what the hell kind of response do you figure I would've gotten from a post that had bigger words?

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