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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The two enter a sloppy kiss.*
Kiba: Where ya been babe?
Woman: Resting.
Kiba: For what?
Woman: Round 2.
*She cocks her eyebrow and Kiba gulps.*
Kiba: Well, duty calls.
*Gai shakes his head. Scene switches to Hinata asleep in bed. The moon can be seen through her window. A shadow is seen at her window. The window is slowly opened. Suddenly a crack of thunder is heard and window drops, crashing down and waking Hinata. She’s panting.*
Izanagi: Do not worry. I am here to protect you. So is Raijin.
Hinata: What was that?
Izanagi: Nothing to concern yourself with child. The god of lightning and thunder scared him away.
Hinata: I want Naruto!
Izanagi: We have no idea where he is.
Hinata: What do you mean?
Izanagi: That is a good thing. It means he is mastering the wind. I promised not only Naruto, but Suijin that I would watch after you and your children. Raijin promised he would help when he could.
*Scene switches atop the Hokage mountain. Two figures are seen, one being Raijin. Raijin is seen in his original form, orgish wearing lightning plated armor. He is holding a spear made of lightning.*
Raijin: We knew someone would come after her, we just didn’t expect it to be you, Susanoo.
Susanoo: Long time, no see Uncle. And who’s to say I was after that woman. Maybe I had come for father. I know after all, he doesn’t have it anymore.
Raijin: You know once we enter battle, your other uncles will show up. You might be able to defeat me, but you can’t defeat all three of us.
Susanoo: I wouldn’t dream of it, not yet that is. I can’t wait to kill your son of thunder before your very eyes though. But in due time. Just let father know, we know.
Raijin: Answer me this then…. who returned the bijuu?
Susanoo: The god of lightning and thunder doesn’t know. It’s all part of the game.
*Sasuke appears next to Raijin.*
Sasuke: What game?
*Susanoo laughes.*
Susanoo: What human would understand a god?
Sasuke: So you are the god Susanoo, the god of storms.
Raijin: Be careful Sasuke, he’s too much for you.
Sasuke: Answer me this… why not me? I mean you said you wanted to kill me before Raijin’s eyes.
Susanoo: Don’t tempt me boy! Deliver the message Uncle. And be prepared. Your precious humans’ days are numbered.
*Susanoo disappears leaving Raijin and Sasuke on the Hokage mountain.*
Sasuke: So that’s what you really look like?
Raijin: Shut up. And next time, don’t butt in.
Sasuke: Why?
Raijin: You and I alone are no match for him. I’m an elemental god, and in being one, I have the most powerful form of my element. But he… he’s not an elemental god. To some degree he has the power of the wind. That’s why we need Fujin and Naruto. Otherwise, we’re dead.
Sasuke: Are we that weak? Surely not.
Raijin: No. But he is the worst possible opponent for us.
*Scene switches to the Tsuchikage’s office just as the sun is hitting the roof. Akatsuchi busts through the door.*
Akatsuchi: We need to leave, pronto.
Kitsuchi: Why?
Akatsuchi: Just trust me.
*Thunder cracks throughout the sky. Susanoo is seen walking on a road towards Iwagakure. Several villagers are seen running through the streets. The scene switches to Kiba’s apartment. The woman is seen getting up out of bed and putting on her clothes. She bends over and kisses Kiba on the cheek, who is still passed out.*
Woman: I’ll have to remember you.
*Kiba begins to stir.*
Kiba: Leaving already? Don’t want to start round 3?
Woman: I would love to, but I have to be somewhere. I’ll be back tonight.
Kiba: I never got your name.
Woman: My name… why do you want to know it?
Kiba: Honestly, when I dream of you, I want to know who it is I’m dreaming about.
Woman: Very well. It’s Benten.

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