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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Sasuke. He is inside an endless space. Dark space with rivers of blood, bones on the ground and lava eruptions at the horizont.

Sasuke: What the...?!?
He spots powerful red lights far away from him. He decides to walk towards those lights in order to find where he is. In his way, he sees several atrocities. Half humans half animal creatures screaming in pain, people tied to trees and burning, dead people all around him.*
Suddenly a hand grabs his ankle. Instantly Sasuke turns around with his sword in his hand, preparing to slash the one who grabbed him but he stops, having shocked eyes. A woman missing a half of her body, drenched in blood, with one red eye and several cuts on her body looks at him terrified.
Woman barely whispering:
Sasuke tries to release himself from the grip, but the mutilated woman holds him with unhuman power. He sighs, makes a swing, and severs her hand. Instantly the woman tries to scream, but she chokes in her own blood. Her head falls on the ground. She died.
Unknown voice: Unpleasent scene...aye, Sasuke?
The young Uchiha turns around and spots a black dressed Raiden looking at him.
Sasuke: You!! What's the meaning of this? What is this place?!?
Raiden: My personal creation. It's Hell. Do you like it?
Sasuke shocked: Hell...?!? I don't understand??
Raiden: I brought you here, show you something. I was able to do it when you used that jutsu. To think that you will access the powers of Hell to heal aas all that i needed. Now... Do you see what's happening around you? The pain, the misery, the suffering? The Death lingers in the air kid.
Sasuke: You monster!
Raiden laughs: Maybe...but you're also a monster Sasuke.
Sasuke: What do you mean?!?*
Raiden: Where do you think that all that power of yours comes from? *The Demonic ways, the Phantom release, the Darkness release...all the powers that your Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan has...comes from this place!
Sasuke makes a step back confused.
Sasuke: I don't understand...
Raiden: Of course you don't. Your eyes, drain all that power, from the souls that are trapped here. You use that power. And by using it, those souls...well let's say that Hell it's just a child's play compared to what they feel when you use a Demonic release. You tortured them with every attack coming from your Mangekyou more than I ever you're the monster.*
Sasuke shouts: You gave me these eyes!
Raiden: Exactly. That's where i wanted to take this conversation. Have you ever wondered...what gives me power? What allows me to continue despite the constant attacks from your side? How i survived so many fatal blows? It's your fault, Sasuke...your fault. With every soul that you torture my power grows. So...
Sasuke: So with every Spiralling Mangekyou attack...
Raiden: You gave me more power! That's the connection that your so called gods failed to see. That's the link between us!*
Sasuke falls down to his knees devastated by the news.
Sasuke: And...why have you brought here?
Raiden smiles: To keep you safe of course. Naruto went with Quintrix...somewhere where i cannot reach them for the time being.
Sasuke: Where are they?!?
Raiden: Quintrix took Naruto to the the Heaven. There...they all plan to eliminate you in order to kill me. The only way to defeat me it's by killing you...Sasuke! And will spend the rest of the Hell!
Sasuke slowly gets up and draws his blade.
Sasuke: Not so fast Raiden. You won't get me that fast. Not yet. NOT NOW!!!
He dashes furiously towards Raiden preparing to strike him down. But suddenly he falls on the ground, as Raiden watches the whole scene smiling. Sasuke looks behind him and sees that multiple hands emerged from the ground and caught his legs. He starts slashing them, but more and more appear. Sasuke shouts desperatly as the hands slowly drags him in the earth. Raiden approaches the boy.
Raiden: Don't worry, Sasuke. You won't die. But after i'm done with you...well...let's just say that you won't be alive either.
Sasuke tries to grab the ground in front of him with his hands to keep him from being dragged underground. Hands of the inhabitants of Hell are covering him right now above his waist. Slowly they are reaching his face. Raiden laughs and steps on Sasuke's fingers, breaking them. The boy has air for one final scream and he gets dragged into the depths on Hell!

The panel it's switched. It shows Konoha's battlefield. Uchiha and Hyuuga bodies are all over the place. The scene it's focused on the battleground between the two clans. Two men are standing and facing eachother. The leaders of the clans.

Fugaku: Why are you doing this, Hiashi
Hiashi: Isn't it obvious? We, the Hyuugas are tired of your dominion over Konoha. We are a prideful clan who won't bow to the Uchiha dogs.
Fugaku: Get real Hiashi. Your Byakugan is powerful indeed...but we currently have two Mangekyou Sharingan users...and Sasuke. They are above your military power.
Hiashi: Well, about that...the only threat to us is Sasuke. And right now, Neji is handling him.
Fugaku: Neji cannot defeat Sasuke. Nothing can overpower his Sharingan.
Hiashi: Actually, Fugaku...the Sharingan it's not the sole eye that can evolve. Neji aquired the next stage of the Byakugan. The Shi was a legend. But Neji made it true. And he will kill Sasuke. Then...Naruto.
Fugaku: You don't really think that you can kill both of them. Be careful, Hiashi...if Sasuke dies...not only that the Uchiha clan will hunt you down until we kill every single one of you...but the Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto...will decimate you!
Hiashi: Well...he won't. Because we have something that will restrain him.
Fugaku: Nothing can restrain Naruto.
Hiashi smiles: Hinata can. My daughter can.
Fugaku surprised: are using your own daughter in order to make Naruto fail?
Hiashi: I'm not using her.
Fugaku: Well, i know Hinata. And i'm sure that she doesn't do it out of her own free will.
Hiashi: No she doesn't. If Naruto doesn't surrender...i will kill her.
Fugaku: You would kill your own daughter just for this?!?
Hiashi: You gotta understand Fugaku. It's for Konoha. If those two boys die...Raiden will spare our lives.
Fugaku remains silent...and he slowly starts gathering his energies. His chakra shapes itself into the form of red fiercy flames.
Hiashi shocked: What the...!?!
Fugaku: You want to know why i have been chosen the clan leader? I'm about to show you bastard!
Several giant flames erupts around them, surrounding the pair.
Hiashi smiles and activates his Byakugan.
Hiashi: Prepare yourself...Uchiha.
Fugaku instantly makes a couple of handsigns.
Fugaku: Fire release! Emperor's wrath!
The giant pillars falls down towards the ground, precisely towards Hiashi. The Hyuuga smiles and makes a single handsigns.
Hiashi: Chakra points opened! Rotation!!!!
Hiashi rotates at an incredible speed while the flames hits the shield that he made. The two attacks clash and a giant explosion occurs. As the smoke clears out the panel shows a heavily burned Hiashi barely standing. Fugaku, who is unscathed approaches him.
Fugaku: You're dead Hiashi.*
Hiashi coughs a bit of blood and smiles.
Hiashi: I'm not going alone Fugaku...Gentle fist single hit!
He instantly points his index finger towards Fugaku and shots a thin chakra ray that penetrares the Uchiha's chest and exits through his back.
Fugaku has a shocked expression as he also falls down on his knees near Hiashi. The attack impaled Fugaku directly in the heart. The clan leader of the Uchiha clan falled dead on the ground. Hiashi tries to laugh, but he coughs a lot of blood and falls down also. He died. The two leaders of the most prestigious clans in Konoha killed eachother.
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