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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Naruto in Heaven.

Naruto: You won't kill Sasuke!
Michael: Naruto, if we don't do it...Lucifer will win.
Naruto: Will win exactly what? I understand that his goal is to became the Creator but...
Quintrix: That's not his only goal. He plans on destroying the Heavens. And if the Heaven falls...the world will be destroyed, Naruto.
Michael: Try to's one life...for the entire world!
Naruto makes a few steps back realising something.
Naruto: Wait a minute. You're just as powerful as Vishnu was, right?
Michael: Exactly.*
Naruto: So...if it's only a life...why don't you just kill Sasuke? Why did you brought me here for?*
Quintrix: Well...we wanted you to adapt with the situation...i know that it's hard...
Naruto: Cut the crap Quintrix. I realised the truth. None of you can do it actually. You need me to kill Sasuke, so you can take care of Lucifer.
Michael: That's not..
Naruto: I won't do it. I won't kill Sasuke.
Quintrix: Naruto, try to understand please!
Naruto: No. I won't kill him. I don't know why you need me to do it, but i won't.
Instantly a powerful white light is seen and Naruto gets raised in the air. Michael holds him by his throat. His eyes are leaking white flames and the whole room it's violently shaked.
Michael: You will kill Sasuke. You will obey to the will of the Heaven!
Naruto smiles: Go ahead, Michael. Kill me.*
Michael only looks at him.
Naruto: That's can't. You need me to save your ass. You won't have my approval. Never.
Michael lets him down and smiles.
Michael: I will get it, Naruto. Trust me.
Naruto turns his back and walks away: No you won't. Now...if you don't mind i want to return home.
Michael: won't leave this place anytime soon.
Naruto turns around and starts leaking massive Kyuubi chakras.
Naruto: Say again? You think that you can hold me here?
Michael: Lash out if you want. You won't even move me brat, not even with your best shot.
Naruto: Really?
He instantly makes a couple of handsigns and releases his chakra. Michael keeps on smiling.
Naruto shouts: Light release! Kurama Sage art Raseeen!!!!
He sends his most powerful Rasen from his palm towards Michael. Just when the attack it's about to hit Michael, it vanishes.
Naruto shocked: What the...!?!
Michael: Every jutsu draws it's power from somewhere. The elemental jutsus from the elements, the Sage Mode from the Natural Energy and so on. Sasuke Uchiha draws his powers from Hell. You, my have your powers from the Heaven. They are related to us. cannot use anything against me here, Naruto.*
Naruto: Dammit...
Michael instantly appears behind him and hits him in the back of his head. Naruto falls down on the ground, knocked out of his senses.
Michael: We will keep him here until he changes his mind. Uzumaki's our prisoner!

The panel shows Quintrix and Michael talking.

Michael: You have done well, Quintrix. You have been the best spy that the Heaven ever had.
Quintrix: Thank you, Michael.
Michael: Now...we need the three treasures.*
Quintrix: Lucifer intends to use them. From what i've saw he already started his last plan.
Michael: What do you mean?
Quintrix: He placed a jutsu on the treasures. When Naruto, Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata touched them, the treasures absorbed a portion of their chakra.
Michael: Hmm...the three great eyes.
Quintrix: Exactly. Lucifer wants them. Also...the Death betrayed us
Michael: Yama betrayed us?
Quintrix: Yeah...he thought that he could subdue me. I tricked them and went after Naruto.
Michael: And..what about his powers?
Quintrix: His powers are increasing. At an alarming rate. Soon he will be able to defy the Heavens.
Michael: Everything it's crumblimg...and with God gone...
Quintrix: We will find him Michael...
Michael: Hmpf...We need Naruto to consent to kill Sasuke as fast as possible!
Quintrix: It won't be that easy, Michael. The kid it's stone hard.*
Michael with a menacing look: Well, Quintrix...even the stones can be broken!

The panel shows Raiden standing on a cliff and looking at the horizont.

Raiden: Everything is ready...master...
The wind responds him with a demonic voice.
Demonic voice: Good Raiden...well done...Quintrix fell into your trap?
Raiden: As we speak. He went to the Heavens, master.
Demonic voice: Excelent. And Sasuke?
Raiden: He is in our possession.*
Demonic voice: And...that Zero boy, Raiden?
Raiden: Something it's strange about him, master. He repelled me once with some attack that i have never seen before.
Demonic voice: Interesting...and you say that the Creator is missing from the Heavens?
Raiden: Exactly. Those are the rumors.
Demonic voice: Excelent...excelent...indeed...something it's strange...well Raiden...mark my words...the Heaven will fall. And we will kill every living creature on Earth. Soon...I...will return...and i will seize back everything that they took away from me!

The end.

Next chapter: Sasuke and Naruto prisoners in Heaven and Hell.
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