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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Ok, like J_H said, I'm all over that story Vishnu. Not to be left out J_H, more from you wouldn't be bad either dog. But I have questions on both stories because obviously I'm excited but confused and need some clarification.

Ok J_H: What is up with Benten? Is the chick sympathetic to humans and loves being around them? Is she there to infiltrate Konoha from the inside? But she didn't kill Kiba & left to fight, so is she now attached or something? Question on that.

Now about the discussion on powers of Raijin & Susake: What exactly is the difference between Raijin's elemental powers & non-elemental powers of Susanoo? And Sasuke called him the God of Storms, so how is that non-elemental? Love the face-offs but if they have no chance it doesn't really lead hope of victory.

Also, what about Suijin, does he ever interact with Hinata? Do they train? Does she have to show Suijin her sealing abilities as proof or something to that effect? And where the hell is Naruto? I love how he is literally in the wind but we don't get a sense of what he's mastered, what's really left, how exactly the train to put him to the max. And because Naruto can use clones to amplify his experience you would assume his gains would come quickly. But man, you are killing it seriously.

Now Vishnu, why are you trying make my head explode. First off, love how you took my suggestion on the Byakugan. It has a new level now, new color, and it leaves Hinata the possibility of gaining it since she is from the head family bloodlines. Now, where the hell did the story go. Before today there was by far the most epic battle about to take place. Konohamaru had the kunai to infuse the Sage chakra to give the shield for the battle. Everybody was primed, Zero looked to be an incarnation of the Creator on Earth, Naruto & Sasuke had the 3 artifacts to figure how to activate with their eye doujutsus, and the troops from both sides were lining up in front of Kohona battle royale, and then Boom!! We got a whole new set of circumstances.

So clarify, how did the Creator & his split half not end up being the most powerful?
The other brainwashed gods have equivalent abilities, meaning powers from heaven, but Naruto now having his abilities derive from the heavens he was ripping new assholes out of those previous gods. But now he is like a chicken sh*t before the archangels. How is the best badass left so powerless all of a sudden? He & Sasuke are now captured, unable to use powers against their captors, so how can they fight back. Can't have people of their caliber captured without means of kicking somebody's ass. I mean Naruto has Sage powers, senjutsu, the highest level doujutsu, the FTG technique, and the nine tails for unlimited power reserves. But Michael took his lunch in like two moves. So clarify how the future story gets back to the fight approaching, how Michael can whoop Naruto but at the same time need Naruto to take Sasuke. Just that part seems not to jive very well in terms of execution.

On the plus side like J_H said, its more story for me to ask get continued.
You dudes really came back with force. J_H, another question, how do the newest Jinchurikki get chosen & display their new powered up abilities after they get the bijuu powers?

Naruto360 & J_Uz, how you guys are still on tap for another drop too. Really like those too.

So looking forward to what comes next with both fellas. Great stuff.....
Two fingas like a playa!!

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