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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Naruto360 & J_Uz, how you guys are still on tap for another drop too.
Here it is.....

“Welcome home”

Sasuke is seen walking alone, he is dressed in similar garb to what he wore vs., Gaara at the Chunin exams, except he has his sword and a Jonin vest.

“come out already, your embarrassing yourself, following me like that.”

Hinata comes out, “ I was not trying to follow you the way your implying, Sasuke.”

Suddenly Sasuke turns without warning and throws a projectile at Hinata she catches it but it explodes soon as she does.

Sasuke is smiling then he starts laughing but it is a happy laugh not sinister.

As we see Hinata she has cream on her face like from a pie.

Sasuke is pointing and laughing, then someone comes out of the woods.

“we are supposed to be training, you two. Not playing games.”

It is a boy no older than 12, he has red hair in 9 braids resembling Killer bee. They reach past his shoulders. He has shades on a short bow staff on his back, he is dressed with a white shirt with the chain mail showing on his chest and up to his elbows. His pants are brown with white shoes on. He has black gloves on that have seals on the palms and fingers cut out. He has the kanji for Lion on his left shoulder and the kanji for Blue on his right.

They two stop and poof into two other youths,

A girl and a boy.

The girl, “Sorry Leo, but this is kinda like training, we are practicing our jutsu.”

The boy is quiet, but nods his head in agreement.

Leo, {Quantoz Nara and Quantez Inuzuka, the twins. They were adopted by two different clans but stayed close through it all. They are a handle full now but with training they could be deadly when they are older. Where are our Sensei’ at anyway?}

Quantoz is the female she wears her long brown hair like Shikamaru. She is wearing grey sweat shirt that is too big for her and what is shown of her legs s covered with black tights. She has a medium size scroll on her hip, that she moves form side to side to move out of her way.

Quantez is wearing a back pack that is kinda big for him. He is wearing a black jacket with a purple shirt under it. His pants are brown with pants and black shoes. They both like Leo are wearing shades.

Suddenly “wind palm: push back!”

They are all sent flying back and land on their butts.

They all look up to see two figures looking down at them.

Leo, “Sensei Hinata, we were…”

Interrupting figure, “Yes I saw your teammates were playing games, pretending to be Hinata and me. The you came along and looked down at them while scolding them.”

They all get up and beginning following behind there two Sensei’s Sasuke and Hinata.

Soon they get to and area unfamiliar to them but it is part of the battlefield during the War. There is much debris still present fallen tress, stones, broken weapons tron old clothing .

Sasuke, “we are here to train, no more games. You all have been through different things before coming to the Academy. You, all three of you went through something very traumatic.”

Hinata, “yes, because of that you all already stronger than your other classmates in some ways, but do not ever think you are better than them. Unlike the other teams you do have a particular advantage, even though your names are different ..”

Sasuke, “your all Uzumaki, your part f the same clan, your are a closer family than the rest. Somehow Kabuto tracked your families down, kidnapped your mother’s and forced them to be subdued to experiments while you were still in the womb, he was a monster.”

We see the effect ids having on the kids.

Hinata, “so we are saying remove your glasses, we are the only ninjas here that can train you in everyway you need it.

All of them have Byakugan eyes with a Sharinghan pupil.

Sasuke, “Now team Hinata Sasuke, let’s train those eyes!”

Elsewhere we see Naruto with his shirt off and just wearing his black pants with an orange strip down the side. He is sweating, and has a determined look on his face.

“I got you now!”
A tall male that also has his shirt off, he has a tan and wears blue shorts.

“no way, Gaijin. This is how a true Uzu does it!”

He rushes towards Naruto spins holding something to avoid Naruto.

Naruto, {wow, his moves are hard to predict!}

“told you, I win!”

He is shown slamming a ball into a towering hoop, they are playing basketball!!
The hoop is at least 100 yards high.

Later we see Naruto walking with the man.

Naruto, “that was fun but I am ready to start training.”

Soon they arrive at a huge coliseum, inside we see Ronin and several others dressed unfamiliar to Naruto even for Samurai.

Ronin, “well it is ready, this is your new armor, and temporary weapons, you will learn how to use all of them before it is over.”

Naruto, “uhm, armor? Looks strange for samurai armor, but I told what I needed to maximize my training potential.”

Ronin, “ that is covered, but you will not be labeled Samurai when you complete all the training. This is something new, well there is a legend amongst the Uzu clan. That one day we will have someone that can learn and become the first of the next level of warrior. Someone that can master being a ninja, master the way of a samurai, and then master the ways of the untouchable element.”

Naruto, what is all this your talking about? Where are my students Ronin?”

Ronin, “oh don’t worry they are being trained in the physical and tactical ways of the Samurai only. I will leave the ninja training and jutsu to you brother. But first we begin your path to becoming Shogun of the Uzu!”

He slams his hand down on the ground and a seal covers the entire field. It si quickly filled with Samurai, each holding the weapons he is to train in.

Naruto is smiling okay, weapons training it is. How long does it take to master these weapons?”

Ronin, hmmm all of tehm, well to become proficient I would say at least several years each.”

Naruto, “hmm give me a day. Seal summoning: shadow clone jutsu!”

His seal glow pulsating with chakra as he creates two clones for ever Samurai.

Ronin and the other Samurai are leaving the giant arena, “when you have master the weapons put on that armor and find me at the Pit!”

Naruto, {no problem, I will put that weird armor on in no time. I wonder how my students are.}

We see a cleared area where the kids are sitting waiting for some one.

They all notice a shadow, then look up to see a red haired dark skinned man with a Black Kung Fu outfit on with the buttons orange. He has a goatee and a rugged short afro.

“so children I am Jericho Uzu, trainer of only the best. I am the next phase of Naruto Uzumaki’s training, but for now I will assess you for my sister, sh ewill train you for the duration, you will not be permitted to leave until you have mastered the ways of the samurai.”

Rakia, “permitted? We are the students of Naruto Uzumaki, the best ninj aever! Wee aren’t pushovers!”

Hiroshi, “I agree, old man, you don’t need to assess anything, we are gonna be ninja’s not Samurai anyway!”

Eiyuu, “hmmm, you kinda old to be training. That why you just standing there staring? Ha ha”

Jericho, “I am done assessing you. Now for the test.”

Rakia, “what? Look we will go along with this training only because Sensei Naruto is, so we wanna….”

Jericho, “shut up child, my honor I will not arm women, children or an unarmed defenseless opponent. But once you came to this ground you all became students. Now Gaijins, If you don’t take me down I will personally kill Naruto myself!”

They all look surprises then focused.

They all stand up and get in a formation, (in unison) “Let’s Go!”

Next: “For Our Master”
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