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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Ok, like J_H said, I'm all over that story Vishnu. Not to be left out J_H, more from you wouldn't be bad either dog. But I have questions on both stories because obviously I'm excited but confused and need some clarification.

Ok J_H: What is up with Benten? Is the chick sympathetic to humans and loves being around them? Is she there to infiltrate Konoha from the inside? But she didn't kill Kiba & left to fight, so is she now attached or something? Question on that.

Now about the discussion on powers of Raijin & Susake: What exactly is the difference between Raijin's elemental powers & non-elemental powers of Susanoo? And Sasuke called him the God of Storms, so how is that non-elemental? Love the face-offs but if they have no chance it doesn't really lead hope of victory.

Also, what about Suijin, does he ever interact with Hinata? Do they train? Does she have to show Suijin her sealing abilities as proof or something to that effect? And where the hell is Naruto? I love how he is literally in the wind but we don't get a sense of what he's mastered, what's really left, how exactly the train to put him to the max. And because Naruto can use clones to amplify his experience you would assume his gains would come quickly. But man, you are killing it seriously.

J_H, another question, how do the newest Jinchurikki get chosen & display their new powered up abilities after they get the bijuu powers?
I will try to clarify without spoiling things too much.

In regards to Benten, the answer is she in no way loves the human beings. That's all I can say for now. Let's just say she's diabolical, cunning, conniving, and sexual.

Raijin is the god of the lightning and thunder. Susanoo is the god of storms. A storm is compromised of the two aforementioned elements along with wind and water. Hence why he is out to destroy the three elemental gods. Then he will be the "supposed" strongest god. Also, Susanoo is the perfect opponent for Raijin and Sasuke. Their lightning and thunder is more powerful and complete compared to his, but he also has some affinity for water and wind.

Out of all the elements, wind is the strongest. In the natural world, it is the only element that can eradicate or change the form of other elements.

Suijin is going to "protect" Hinata because of her unborn daughter. Suijin will never train Hinata. That's not to say she will not get any training.

And with Naruto... be patient. I can tell you now, you're not going to get alot of his training, because honestly, it's a lot of meditation. I feel like I've got more interesting things going on.

And I can promise, the next chapter will have a fight between two gods.
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