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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by Narut0360 View Post
Thanks J_H, The Gama Bros they are not gone and are not forgotten, but the last time we saw Gamakichi he was big enough to carry Tsunade so i decided to make Makura and Koudo who would be small enough that they could come with Naruto on his missions. i"m also thinking they will have a bigger purpose for being there as i hinted with the reference of the Great Toad Sage or as i called him the Geezer sage.

i agree with you on keeping Kakashi as Hokage for now, since it frees up Naruto to go out on mission and to save the world lol.

Now i'm in thinking mode on how i'm going to continue this, How do You and Vishnu and even jericho Uzimaki keep coming up with new stuff. You guys are like the Energizer Bunny you keep going and going and GOING....Mad Respect for all you guys.
Sorry for not responding earlier. I remember one of the technical writing professors in college telling me that any good story, whether it is fictional or real, it has hooking opening, a fulfilling body, and a conclusion that is precise.

In my writing, I know which direction I want to go. I know how I want to end my fanfic. The body is made up along the way. You just have to make sure there is a smooth transition and flow. Keep things precise, not to leave any plotholes or any stone unturned so to speak.

Another thing that works in my favor, honestly is my personality. I plan things out, but I also know how to "wing it" and so far have not had too many mistakes with "winging it". So in that area, I'm able to add certain aspects to my story that I never really intended to, but they've added to the story.

I can tell you right now, Vishnu has done that, because he's said so. Maybe not in those exact terms, but he's told us he's changed his mind and the direction of his fanfic a couple of times. That's part of being a good writer. It's ok to change your mind if you don't like something. But when you've got something good, go with it. And be precise.
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