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Re: One Piece 667

What can I say, fucking awesome chapter, the end was just wow !

First off loved Luffy new gatling gun, would love to see Rob Lucci getting hit with that, will kill him for sure this time :P Oh and full Gear 2 too !

But the main attraction was the end !

Law is just so awesome hes just that character were you want to know more but the more you know the more he just makes you love him even more !

Well the Yonkou he was talking about is the reall difficult thing, obviously that will affect Luffy if he will say yes or no.

Shanks - Hell no Luffy will not go for it, He might say something like ' I want to see Shanks but not fight him '

Big Mam - That is my guess I think after this arc Law will come with the SH's they will help him meet up with his crew who are outside like Big Mam's main island base, but I can see a threeaway alliance happening with Kidd seeing as he hitting her fleets atm too. But if this is the Yonkou then I think Luffy will definately say yes thanks to the end of the Fishman Arc.

Kaidou - Is my second choice, mainly cause we havent seen him yet and he should be getting some limelight very soon I think. But I would also like to say that if this is the Yonkou Law is going on about, I think a three way alliance might happen but this time being Luffy, Law and X Drake, as we saw before the time skip he was attacking one of his islands, and Law and Drake both went through first half of Grand Line from the same Sea, so I think they might have an understanding.

Blackbeard - Frankly think there is no chance, too early to see him fighting Luffy far far too early, Whitebard Pirates would need to be beat before then.
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