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Re: Games and all things related

I do plan on buying Diablo 3. No time soon though. It was definitely fun enough and has entertainment value, just not at cost IMO. Going by all the content Blizzard removed between the times of thee F&F beta and open beta, I'm fairly certain they plan on waiting and releasing much of what they developed for the game later on in an expansion pack(s). I'd just assume wait until then and buy it bundled.

Torchlight 2 will satiate my click-n-kill needs until then. Definitely going with an Engineer as my first char.

GW2- Am really looking forward to the new GuildWars. The pvp looks like a blast. CFT & domination games, in a fantasy setting with thieves, warriors, necros and shit. Sounds like a winner.

lol at Oliver North endorsing the new Call of Duty.

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