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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Continuation from page 47

Naruto Fan Fic Chronicles: Naruto’s Summit

....2 Days Pass....

Scene Zooms in on a snowy landscape, where the snow is constantly falling.
The scene Fades out white and cuts to a table.
We Zoom in on the table to see four hats are present, we Zoom in closer to see a hat being place on the table. We Pan out to see that the hat belongs to the Raikage and if we Pan out more we see that all Five Kages are standing around the table and we continue to pan out until you can see all who accompanied the Kages Standing above on a balcony

Kakashi- Well I’m glad everyone could make it on such short notice.

He motions with his hands to tell everyone to sit

Raikage- of course we made it, But now where is that brat Naruto who ordered it? I owe him one for tricking me.

Mei- I do as well he called me scary looking and disguised himself as an old man, so I was not able to punish him for the comment.

Kakashi- HEhe…he {Cough cough}

Mei- what was that Kakashi?

Kakashi- oh sorry, just had a tickle in my throat.

Akatsuchi- Is this like Naruto, to call a meeting but be late for it.

Kakashi, Konoha Team, Gaara, Kankuro and Temari – YES!!

Gaara- But I am surprised he is not here by now.

Kakashi- I am sorry for Naruto’s………

The conversation of the Kages fade out and the conversation up in the balcony fades in.

Shikamaru- How is it Naruto is that fastest man alive and yet he is late?

Killer Bee- yo Yo YO Shika, a Hero is Neva Late 4 Any Date & Naruto in a Flash will Neva make U Wait!!! You Got Me?!

Hinata- Yeah Shikamaru, Bee is right. Naruto might not always be there when we want him, but when we NEED him he’s always there for us!


Killer Bee- You go Home Girl

The next panel shows Kankuro in a flashback about Gaara words about Naruto

Skip ahead

Flashback ends

Kankuro thinking

Kankuro- Naruto, the moment you met and Fought Gaara, You gave Me back my Brother, you gave us our Kazekage, You changed him for the better. And for that…

Kankuro stares down at Gaara from the balcony who is still talking with the other Kages

Kankuro{still Thinking}- I will wait.

Onoki- We can and will Wait for Naruto, this war is not going anywhere without him.

Sakura- When did you get here?

Onoki- I’ve been here, but I had to go lay down my back was killing me from the trip here.

Kurotsuchi- Old man are we sure we need Naruto, the meeting seems to be almost over as it is.

Onoki- Watch what you say about Naruto, he is the one who brought peace to us for Five years, this meeting will truly only begin when he arrives, we must wait to hear what he has to say.

Kurotsuchi is shocked about Onoki’s Praise of Naruto.

Kurotsuchi- Ok Old man….

Sakura is Yelling at Shikamaru

Sakura- Shikamaru TAKE IT BACK!!!! Or I will Clobber YOU!!!!

Shikamaru- What a pain… It was only a joke

Scene cuts to Temari in thought

Temari- For some reason Naruto I always talked down to you.

Temari- Even after what you did for my Brother

Temari has a Flashback of what she told Naruto

Temari- "Naruto… You really are a mysterious person. You have the power to change people… Chiyo-sama was always saying how she didn't care about the future of the village… She wasn't the kind of person who would do something like this for Gaara…

Temari- And even though I have see what you can do I kept on having doubts in your abilities

Temari still in thought

Temari- and you kept proving me wrong time and time again, and like the old man said you brought us peace…. So I too will wait.

Scene cuts to Sakura Clubbing Shikamaru on the head

Shikamaru- Wait… Ouch… OK OK! I take it back I’m sorry…. It was only a joke.

Sakura{Hmph}- Good.

Sakura stops Clubbing Shikamaru on the head and turns to face Sasuke.

Sakura- Sasuke I am worried about Naruto, why do you think he is so late?

Sasuke- I have no clue, but knowing Naruto it will be an interesting answer.

Killer Bee is seen walking over to Sai who seems to be spacing out looking off into the distance.

Killer Bee- What ya thinkin Kid? it B lookin like you are Flyin higher than a bird on grass u Dig….

Sai-………..Oh sorry, I was thinking of a New Nickname for Naruto

Killer Bee- Watcha Got ?

Sai- …Delayed Flash

Killer Bee- Delayed Flash?..... Bwa hahaha HWawa!!!!!

Scene Cuts back to the Kages Conversation

Raikage- SHUT IT BEE!!!!! Do NOT INTERUPTS US AGAIN!! You hear me?!

Killer Bee- Sorry Bro, but this Kid made the craziest Nickname for Naruto.

Makura- Cool Boss you got another Nickname.

Naruto- Trust me , if Sai made it Makura it Sucks…SO am I Late to the meeting?

Every kage and everyone in the Balcony smiles while Hinata blushes and Bee…

Killer Bee- BWahahahah Hehe !!!!

Raikage looks up and Killer Bee goes Silent

Kakashi- Yes Naruto you are late, what happened?

Naruto- Sorry, I ran into some trouble on the way here.

Koudo- well technically we were never in any kind of trouble

Makura- Yeah they were the ones in trouble the moment they talked bad about Konoha.

Naruto- Shh Makura…

Kakashi- who was it?

Mei- well who ever it was they must have been powerful to stay and fight you.

Makura- not the case at all.

Koudo- yeah they had no clue who boss was until they saw a flash and it was too late.

Naruto- Excuse these two, it was 20 Sound Ninja who tried to attack me.

Raikage- Was it Tobi’s doing?

Naruto- Na, I don’t think so. Like Makura and Koudo pointed out, they had know clue who I was, and if they did they would have probably brought more men to attack me. …Anyways should we start this meeting?

Akatsuchi- Well we were just about done

Naruto- oh…?

Onoki- No you weren’t !!

Onoki flies from the balcony and lands next to Naruto

Onoki- We were just waiting for you to arrive, to hear what you have to say.

Naruto looks down and smiles

Naruto- Thanks

Onoki pats the back of Naruto’s knee and motions Naruto to come and sit at the table. Once Naruto is seated, Onoki flies back up to the balcony.

Raikage- Well?!

Naruto- How should I begin…

Gaara- start off with how you have been these past five years.

Naruto nods and takes a deep breath

Naruto- Busy but good.

Kakashi- as we are all pleased to hear that you’ve been good these past five years Naruto. War is upon us can you continue on with the needed info you have gathered.

Raikage- Yeah, hurry it up!

Naruto- Of course.

Naruto closes his eyes crosses his arms and leans back in his chair.

Naruto- From what i have gathered these past 5 years is word that Tobi has found a weapon that could change tide of the upcoming war.

Akatsuchi- Wouldn’t he have used this weapon in the last war, if he had such a thing?

Gaara- Not if he did not have possession of this something in the last war.

Naruto sits up straight in his chair and opens his eyes

Naruto- Correct Gaara, but this weapon is not a something it is a someone….

Kakashi- who? Maadara is gone.

Raikage- the past Kages are sealed

Akatsuchi- He does have the seven Bijuu..

Mei- yeah but he had them last time

Gaara- and Naruto and Bee Handled them pretty easily anyway it has to be someone new.

Naruto- well I’m not sure about that Gaara. In my Reconnaissance these five years I intercepted many messengers and they had the same message “NOT FOUND” until a month ago the message changed….

Raikage- Spit it out boy!!!

Onoki floats down from the balcony and hovers and places his hand on Naruto’s Shoulder.

Onoki- do not pay any attention to him boy, but please continue….

Naruto takes a deep breath in and exhales four words.


Shocked faces fills the room from the Balcony to the Kages Table to even the Floating Onoki.


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