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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Naruto inside a white room. He stands on the ground and nothing is around him. Michael enters the room.

Michael: Hello Naruto.
Naruto stands up and looks at him.
Naruto: Michael...for your own should release me.
Michael: And why should i do it?
Naruto: Because when i will escape...the first one that i will come after will be you!
Michael: Get real. You cannot kill me
Naruto: Hmpf...we will see...what about Quintrix? Triple agent? Tricked Raiden that he was working for him, in the meantime he tricked Vishnu that he was a double agent? In fact he was your man all along.
Michael: Exactly. You see...i guided every step of you and Sasuke since the beginning. I know about your every move. Everything, Naruto.*
Naruto: What do you mean by guiding every step?
Michael makes a sign and instantly a chair appears. He sits down.
Michael: Let me tell you a story. We, the archangles are aspects of our Father. Raphael stands for integrity. Gabriel stands for courage. I stand for honesty. And Lucifer stand for justice. So, soon, he started applying justice everyone. He was killing angels on a daily basis. So, he attracted our Father's anger and he got banished from our ranks. Vishnu and the other archangels left for guarding the Earth and the time. And soon after our Father disappeared. We never knew what happend with him. So, i tried to lead the Heavens. But i've found out soon enough that i lacked the power. And then, when i thought that everything was lost, my little brother, Lucifer, attracted my eye. And i devised a plan. I allowed him to regain a portion of his former strenghts. And i managed to guide his every step towards the end. But you and Sasuke stopped it. My plan was to aquire the Earth's power so i could stand up as the ruler of Heavens. But you threw a wrench into my plans. You escaped Lucifer and you went in another dimension. I had Vishnu to come after you there. But you converted him to your beliefs. I allowed Lucifer to rise Shiva once again so Vishnu could get killed. But that fool saw the truth in the end, and messed up my plans. My last make you kill Sasuke. If you kill Sasuke, that will sever his bond with Lucifer and i will be able to absorb his dormant archangel powers. That way i will ensure my succes.
Naruto:'re saying that everything happend because of you?!?
Michael: Exactly. You could've had a normal life. I made sure tht you won't. I needed you ready to do whatever it takes.
Naruto: I will never obey your orders.
Michael: You will have too. Because you have nothing to return too.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Michael: I sent two angels to destroy and kill everyone in Konoha.
Naruto laughs: Two angels against Sasuke and Konoha? I'm sorry but they don't stand a chance.
Michael smiles: Actually they do. Nothing can kill an angel.
Naruto: Something has to kill you. If you bleed you can be killed.
Michael: Interesting philosophy. Too bad that nothing can make us bleed.
Naruto: Why are you doing this Michael?
Michael: Because i want to. Because th Heaven needs a leader.*
Naruto: But you're already rulling the Heaven.
Michael: You don't understand...i want to recreate the world. I don't have that power, yet. But if i take Lucifer's power i will do it.*
Naruto: By recreating the world you mean...
Michael: I mean that i will burn down the world then i will recreate it from the ashes.
Naruto shouts: I won't let you!
Michael: I'm sorry Naruto. But you cannot stop me.
Naruto: There is always a way.
Michael: Not this time, Naruto. Don't you see? Every victory that you ever had it was my doing. I manipulated everything in order to come at this point.
Naruto: You said that i messed up every plan of yours.
Michael: Indeed. But i always had a backup plan. And this time i will win.

The scene it's switched. It shows the two archangels, Gabriel and Raphael talking in the garden.

Gabriel: What do you think of Michael's plan?
Raphael: I don't sound good, but i have second thoughts.
Gabriel: As do i. I don't think that our Father would want this.
Raphael: He is gone...Gabriel...
Gabriel: Maybe, maybe not. But if he returns he will punish us all for ahat we are going to do.
Raphael: Indeed...
Gabriel: So you think it's prudent to help Michael with this?
Raphael: We don't really have a choice here, Gabriel. He is more powerful than us both. Not even if we stand together, i don't think that we could win. The only one who could face him in direct combat would be Lucifer and our Father.*
Gabriel: Hmm...Vishnu was also at his level.
Raphael: Yeah when he was alive. He is dead now. We can count him out.*
Gabriel: Or, we could bring him back.
Raphael: The power that we need to do would require sacrifices from legions of angels. A power equall with the Earth's energy .We cannot do it, Gabriel...we will simply have to obey Michael. Actually that's the only reasonable action.
Gabriel: But!?!
Raphael prepares to leave: No but Gabriel. We will help Michael. He is our brother. Don't try anything stupid. I'm watching you!
Raphael leaves and Gabriel remains alone with his thoughts. Slowly a shadowed figure manifests near him. Gabriel turns around and looks at the shadow. He makes a few steps back shocked.
Gabriel: You!?!
Unknown voice: Indeed, Gabriel. Indeed...
Gabriel: But how are you alive...!?!
Unknown voice: I don't know what happend. But here i am. And i have a mission for you!
Gabriel looks at him.
Gabriel: Everything you wish for, brother!

The panel shows Sasuke and Mefisto.

Sasuke has his clothes torn apart. His face is full of bruises, cuts and blood. Mefisto looks at him.
Sasuke: Are you done?
Mefisto: For today.
Sasuke: Wow. You have working hours of torturing. That's interesting.
Mefisto: How so?
Sasuke: Why don't you just keep going until i crack?
Mefisto: Because that's not how it works.*
Sasuke: Then tell me how it works?
Mefisto: It's quite simple. Raiden told me to torture you half of the day, everyday. I did it, now i'm free to leave until tomorrow. A woman has needs Sasuke.
Sasuke smiles and spits a bit of blood.
Sasuke: Needs, Mefisto?
Mefisto: Exactly. Now rest. Today was just the warm-up. Tomorrow it will be worse.*
Sasuke: bad can it get? You already tortured me in every way possible.
Mefisto: Trust me Sasuke...the possibilites are endless! I will break you eventually.
She leaves and Sasuke remains alone chained. Again the panel shows a little electricity spark on his fingers.
Sasuke to himself: Not if i break you first!

The next day

Mefisto appears near Sasuke.
Mefisto: Well, Sasuke...are you ready?
Sasuke: Sure. Just one question before we start doing this. Why are you actually torturing me?
Mefisto: I don't know. I was ordered to do it.*
Sasuke: So you just follow your oders with questioning them?
Mefisto: Honey, this is Hell. The torture it's a daily basis. It's a routine. Don't think that you're special. Nobody is special in Hell.
Sasuke: I ever thought that. Hey, did anyone ever escaped this place?
Mefisto: There was once this guy, Dante...he was amazing. He managed to climb up the pit of Hell and escaped in the Purgatory. We never knew what happend with him after that, but the sole fact that he managed to get out of Hell was a feat. Don't think that you could escape though.*
Sasuke: Interesting. Well, then, shall we start?
Mefisto: With pleasure.*
She gets close to Sasuke, having a large knife. As she prepares to impale the young Uchiha she suddenly stops.
Sasuke smiles: What happend, Mefisto?*
Mefisto: Something it's not right...
Sasuke: Exactly. You see...i'm about to follow on Dante's footsteps!
Instantly the chain where his right hand was tied, breaks. Sasuke releases from his fingers a lightning spear, that penetrates Mefisto's chest. She coughs blood as she looks shocked at Sasuke.
Mefisto:!? These chains...were supposed to be unbreakable!
Sasuke: It seems that i can break them. Farewell Mefisto.I told you that you will die by my hand. Being tortured by you was a pleasure.
Sasuke takes out the spear as the woman falls down, dead. The young Uchiha uses the spear the break the last three chains and he releases himself. Sasuke lands on the ground and looks around him.
Sasuke: Now, to find the damn exit!
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