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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Sasuke wonders around the damned souls in the Hell. The scenery it's apocalyptic. Every creature trapped there suffers great torments. Bodies are torn apart everywhere by hungry creatures. Creatures that have lion heads, human bodies, claws and longs fangs. The demons are ignoring the boy. Sasuke walks away covering his ears, trying to erase the agony sounds that are raised in every corner of the Hell. Blood is all over the place. Soon he reaches a river of blood and decides that he won't cross it. Sasuke turns around only to witness a terryfing scene. A demon holds a woman's head, and he twists it until it cracks. Then, the demon rips her heart out with his bare hands and eat it. Sasuke looks at the scene and slowly the anger and disgust builds up inside him. Almost instantly he draws his blade and dashes towards the demonic creature. Sasuke tries to slash the demon, but the latter dodges the attack.
Demon:'re next...
Sasuke: I don't think so!
The demon tries to slash Sasuke with it's claws, but the young Uchiha blocks the attack. Almost instantly another Sasuke appears behind the creature and beheads it with a swing of his sword. The Sasuke that blocked the demon's attack vanishes, revealed as a Shadow Clone. As soon as the demon's head hits the ground, all the other creatures present, that until that moment were busy with devouring souls, turns their eyes at Sasuke. They leave everything that they were doing and starts closing in the boy. Sasuke takes a battle stance and activates his regular Sharingan. The demons are keeping a safe distance from Sasuke, as they are undecided if they should attack him or not. Nobody opposed them before. The death of their former comrade scared them a little.
Sasuke shouts: Come on! Come at me! I will kill every single one of you!
That was the drop that triggered their anger. The demons launches themselves towards Sasuke. The young Uchiha fights them using his sword and starts slashing in every way. Soon he finds himself surrounded by several creatures. Too many to be counted. To many to be killed. Sasuke smiles.
Sasuke: Come on beasts! Attack me! If you even get close to me, i will cut your necks instantly! So come on!
Suddenly a man dressed in a white long jacket, with short blonde hair, a blue eye and a red one, with a long scar comimg down from the red eye and wearing a white glove lands near him. The man wields a staff made of wood.
Unknown man: Ire in oblivionem daemonium maledictionem!!
( it's in latin, meaning: go to oblivion, cursed demon! -the translation it's NOT accurate).
The man releases from his palm a thick red beam into the sky. The beam divides and falls back, separated in several other beams that hits the demons, obliterating them.
Sasuke looks at the man, turns around and places his sword at the man's neck.
Unknown man: I just saved you.
Sasuke: Yeah thanks. But you see...we are in Hell. So i cannot trust you. You have to prove that you're trustful. So, why don't you start by telling me your name?
Unknown man: How would that help?
Sasuke: Honestly i don't know. Look, i have to get out of here. My name is Sasuke.
Unknown man: Mine it's Faust.*
Sasuke: Well nice to meet you Faust.
Faust: Same here. Now could you lower that sword please?
Sasuke lowers his blade, but his posture indicates that he is stil prepared to take out Faust.
Faust: If i wanted to kill you Sasuke i could have let those demons do it.
Sasuke: Maybe you're a crazy looking for a challenge.
Faust: Or maybe i can help you get out of here.
Sasuke: Why would you do that?*
Faust: Maybe because i just want to help you?
Sasuke: It's never that simple. Never.
Faust: You're right. It's not that simple. I have my reasons.
Sasuke: Why don't you mention one?
Faust: Look, have a choice here. You could remain here and be at the mercy of these creatures, or you could come with me and get out.
Sasuke looks at him then smiles.
Sasuke: I'm coming with you. But if you try anything...
Faust: I know, you will kill me. Now let's go!

The scene it's switched. It shows Naruto inside his prison room. He sits on the floor. The door opens and a man comes inside.

Naruto: Who are you?
Man: I'm Gabriel. The Archangel.
Naruto: Did Michael sent you? I won't kill Sasuke, Gabriel.
Gabriel: Good. I don't want you to do it. The boy must live.
Naruto quickly gets up.
Naruto: So why are you here then?
Gabriel: To take you out of here obviously.*
Naruto: To save me? But who sent you?
Gabriel smiles: What? Don't you think that i could do it just out of my mercy?
Naruto: No, because Michael holds all of you in a leash.*
Gabriel: True enough. An old friend of yours sent me. He told me to get you out of here.
Naruto: Old friend? Who?
Gabriel: It doesn't matter Naruto. You will meet with him very soon. Now, let's go!
Gabriel touches Naruto on his shoulder and they both vanish. They soon reappear in the Garden.*
Gabriel: Perfect. Now, we just have to wait for the diversion.
Naruto: Diversion? What diversion?
Suddenly a voice is heard shouting. Naruto looks up and spots at several miles away, in the air, a man launching a white energy dragon from his hand towards the buildings in the Heaven. Instantly a portal opens behind him and an entire army appears, supporting him. An army dressed in blue. An army that starts clashing with the angels.
Naruto shocked: That's Krishna! And the Blue Guard! But who sent them?!?*
Gabriel: You will find out soon enough Naruto! Now go!*
Naruto: Go where?!?
Gabriel: To the portal of course! Why do you think that he sent an entire army to guard it? Go now! And use the Light release to attack! Besides the Archangels, the regular angels can be killed by it. Now go!!!
Naruto looks at Gabriel aith determination.
Naruto: Aye! And...thank you!
Naruto launches himself towards the portal. He starts running at a very high speed, as the Kyuubi's chakra envelop his body. He makes a clone that remains behind still, and a few seconds later he is also in Sage Mode. Now his speed it's unrivaled. He spots a group of three angels in front of him. He jumps in the air and makes a few handsigns.
Naruto: Light release! Light sword!
A pure white energy sword manifests in his right hand. Naruto dashes towards the angels who also spotted him. The angels, each draws a blade and they are going towards Naruto. When the Uzumaki is in the right range he clashes his sword with the angels blade. The light sword cuts through anything. Naruto grabs the first angel's hand, uses it as a leverage point and jumps above him. When he lands behind the angel, Naruto stabs him in the chest with the sword killing him instantly. The next angels attacks, but Naruto dodges. The boy makes a few steps back, then he makes a handsign.
Naruto: Water release! Tearring torrent!
A wave of water appears and pushes back the angel. Naruto uses the momentum and appears behind the last angel, by using the Flying Thunder God technique. Naruto swings his arm and he decapitates the angel. Then he jumps into the trees and keeps running at very high speeds towards the portal.
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