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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Krishna commanding over the large army.

Krishna shouts: Blue Guard! Arrows attack!
The guards instantly creates millions of blue energy arrows that they sent towards the legion of angels that are flying towards them.*
Krishna starts gathering his energies.
Krishna shouts: Again!!!
Again, the arrows are released causing great damage in the angels's ranks.
Krishna shouting: Prepare yourselves! We are going to clash with them one on one! We have to protect the portal until Naruto reaches this place!!!!
As the angels are closing in, each soldier of the blue guard draws his blade. Soon the sky becames a battlefield. They are skirmishing all over the place. Krishna himself is killing angel after angel. Suddenly an angel lands before him.
Krishna: Dammit.
Angel: Hello Krishna.
Krishna: How do you know my name?
Angel: It happens to know it. I'm Ezekiel. And you will die before me, Krishna.
Krishna looking at Ezekiel with determination: I'm not so sure Ezekiel!
The last panel shows them clashing in the sky, with fire and electricity bursting from their swords.

The scene it's switched. It shows Sasuke and Faust.

They walk a path made of flames. They are both prepared for everything that might come at them.*

Faust points towards a distant hole covered in white light.
Faust: There it is. You can get out by going in that hole. It will transport you where you were last seen on Earth.
Sasuke: Thank you *Faust. Now let's get out of here!
Faust: I'm afraid that you're going alone Sasuke. I cannot leave is place,
Sasuke: So tell me comes that you're not trapped or devoured like the other souls but you cannot leave this place?
Faust: I'm special.
Sasuke: A demon...Mefisto...told me that nobody is special around here.
Faust instantly stops shocked.
Faust: Did you just said...Mefisto?!? Did you saw her?!?
Sasuke: Yeah...she was tasked with torturing me.*
Faust: Where is she?
Sasuke: I killed her. I stabbed her in the chest. That's how i escaped.
Faust looks at Sasuke puzzled, then he starts laughing.
Faust laughing: Listen to him..he think he killed Mefisto!!!
Sasuke: What's so funny?
Faust instantly reverts to his grave mine
Faust: She cannot be killed, kid. By no normal means. I tried to kill her for centuries but i didn't managed to do it. Back in my days, i made a pact with her. She granted me a wish and she had to come back for my soul 24 years later. But, i wasn't ready to die. So, when she came i tricked her to grant me another wish. I wished that i would be free. So she tricked me back. She brought me here and set me free in Hell. That's my punishment. So over centuries i tried to find a way to kill her. I failed. All that i could find out it's that only Lucifer can kill her. You must be really something kid, if the higher-ups had her to torture you.Suddenly a woman's voice is heard.
Mefisto: Touching story as always, Faust. I see that you never get tired of trying.
Faust: Mefisto!!!
Sasuke turns around and prepares his sword, being ready to clash with the demon. But Faust gets in his way facing Mefisto.
Faust: Go Sasuke. Go towards the light. Save yourself. I will hold her here.
Sasuke: No Faust! You're coming with me!
Faust: It's too late for me kid. Besides...what's for me out there? Nothing. Everything that i ever knew died a long time ago. Now go!!!
Sasuke lets a tear drop out of his eye and turns around. He runs towards the light.
Mefisto is heard screaming: NOOO! You won't leave this place!
Faust appears in front of her wielding his wooden staff.
Faust: You won't get to him Mefisto. He will escape. You will have to kill me first!
Sasuke is closing in the light and as soon as he touches it, he feels like he is absorbed by it. He turns around his head only to see Faust getting slashes by Mefisto. As the man falls down on the ground he looks at Faust. The last panel shows Faust's bloody face smiling. The next scene shows Sasuke inside a big council room. He spots a window and goes to check it out. The scene shocks him.*
Sasuke: This is the Celest City!!!

The scene it's switched. It shows Gabriel looking at Naruto*how he dashes towards the portal.

Gabriel for himself: I've made it...
Suddenly Raphael's voice is heard behind him.
Raphael: Indeed Naruto will escape. But you didn't made it brother. You will be severly punished.
Gabriel: Raphael! Listen to me! Michael's plan it's insane! He cannot achieve what he wishes for!*
Raphael: It doesn't matter. He is your brother. You should support him, not those pety humans. Prepare yourself Gabriel.
The panel shows Raphael that starts emmiting powerful lightnings shapped as his angel wings.
Raphael: You will feel my wrath!
The last scene shows Gabriel with a determined look on his face!

The panel shows Naruto closing in the portal.*

Soon he reaches the main army. The Blue Guard is killing angels all over the place. They ar equiped with light blades just like Naruto. The Kyuubi vessel spots this.
Naruto: What the...?!? Where did they got light sword from?
Instantly Naruto dodges. An angel was coming at him to decapitate the boy. Naruto blocks the angel's attack, while making a spin. He impales the angel right in the chest, with the light blade, killing him. He spots Krishna several meters away, being injured but standing. Naruto lands near him.
Naruto: Krishna! What's going on?!?
Krishna: Naruto! We got to get you out of this place! Fast!
Naruto: But why are you here? And how did you knew where i was?
Krishna: We are here for you! To save you! Our Lord told us where to find you! Come on!
Krishna grabs Naruto and dashes with him towards the portal.
Naruto confused: Your Lord?
Krishna shouts: Blue Guard!!! Retreat!!! We got him!!!*
As soon as Krishna gives the order, the army starts retreating towards the portal. Krishna pushes Naruto inside and jumps with him, alongside the army.

The scene it's switched. It shows Naruto and Krishna landing in the Celest City.

Naruto: What's going on Krishna? Why are we in the City?
Krishna: The Lord wanted to speak with you. He was quite eager to sed you actually. I never saw him so happy before.
Naruto: The Lord?!
Krishna: Hurry up! He is in the main tower!
Naruto looks at the giant tower. He used to reside there, and before him Vishnu. Suddenly a lightning hits the tower.
Naruto: But what happend after my disappearence?
Krishna: You will get all your answers soon! Now go!

The panel shows a shadow figure walking in Hell.*

Raiden lands in front of him.
Raiden: Master...! You shouldn't have comed here for something like this!
Unknown man: Raiden...of course that i had to come. You let the boy escape. Now he is out there knowing some of our secrets. What happens if Michael finds him? If the Archangels gets their hands on him it will be over.
Raiden: No master! It won't happen!
Suddenly the unknown man releases a short scream and falls down on one knee.
Raiden terrified: Master!! What happend?!?
Unknown man: It's not possible! He is alive!*

The panel shows Zero meditating.*

Suddenly he opens his eyes and they are changed. Several images passes through them.
Zero speaks with the Creator's voice, to himself.
Zero: So...he finally decided to come out again.

The scene shows Naruto entering the council room in the tower.*

Naruto: What the...!?! This room looks differently than it looked when i was here!
Sasuke's voice is heard, and he appears behind Naruto.
Sasuke: Naruto?!? What happend to you?!?*
Naruto turns around confused: Sasuke? You're the Lord?
Sasuke: What Lord?!? What happend?
Naruto: A lot. To tell you the basics: Angels are real. And they want us. I was their prisoner in Heavens. I barely escaped. Krishna helped out with the Blue Guard army.What happend to you?
Sasuke: Well, soon after you disappeared the Hyuugas attacked. We manage to kill a lot of them. I confronted Neji personally. And after i defeated him, i woked up in Hell! I was prisoner there just like you were in Heavens. But i managed to get out, and i was transported here! But why here?
Suddenly a familiar voice is heard.
Unknown voice: Because i wanted you here.
Both Naruto and Sasuke turns around and shock gets on their faces. Naruto looks at the man who spoke and he doesn't belive his eyes. Sasuke falls down to his knees looking at the man.
Vishnu: Welcome Naruto, Sasuke...long time no see, huh?

The end.
Next chapter: Vishnu's story.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *The power of an Archangel.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Battle in Heavens.
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