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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
Exactly as royalmage said. Naruto first needs to learn how to harness Vishnu's powers. Such as he did with the Rinnegan. And you din't reveal your most powerful attacks to your enemy before you know something about them. It's progressive growth. He is not a genious like Sasuke. Even the Uchiha needed time to learn how to use Raiden's dark chakras.

Livontes had a portion of Raiden's strenght. The same amount of power that was given to Sasuke. Combined with his powers, he was almost equally matched with Vishnu.

The full history of the Beyonders will be explained in the upcoming chapter. There is a difference between angels and Beyonders, but i can tell you that at their origins, all the Beyonders were angels.

Edit: Btw, good questions guys. I hope that i clarified a bit for you.
I just thought, back then naruto was able to injure raiden and since micheal and raiden are in the same level, naruto should have atleast caused some damage to micheal aswel but this probably due to raiden being weaker back then.

lol sorry vish one more question, you explained narutos power comes from heaven thats why any attacks from heaven won't harm archangel but how is that true? sage mode comes from the natural energy around him and from kyuubi (surely kyuubi isnt a creature of heaven). Just reference to sage mode; while he was using sage mode in konoha, the chakra is from the natural energy on earth (not heaven) so how does his power relate to heaven? or is it just his rinengan and raigain power from heaven?

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