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Re: One Piece 667

If were talking about the other Supernovas to be hyped for, besides Law, Kidd and Luffy.

I would need to go with :

Basil Hawkins - His abilities are awesome, dont know why but I have a feeling hes going to do something big in the enar future, were it be challenging Luffy or moving on the Supernovas dont ask me why just seems like a random thing nobody would expect, and this is Oda mind you.

X Drake - The fact this guy used to be a marine Captain, the same rank Smoker was for a time, really intrigues me about this guy. Why did he leave ? Why did he suddenly start hitting Kaidou turf one of the most deadly Yonkous apparently ? I still this Drake is going to have a good bit to come.

Killer - Mainly causes hes the only guy whos like Zoro, not a Captain and doesnt have a DF or some sort of an ability. Cant wait to see a match between him and Zoro in the near future.
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