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One piece 668 spoilers

One Piece 668 Pirate Alliance

From the Decks of the World (Final Volume): WB and Ace’s graves
Luffy asks which Emperor Law wants to take down. Law tells Nami (not?) to listen. The reader can’t “hear” what he says, but Luffy and Nami do.
Luffy: “I see… Alright! Let’s do it!”
Luffy, Law, and Nami return to the rest of the crew.
Robin is worried about the idea of a pirate alliance, suggesting that they might be betrayed at some point.
Luffy: “Eh? Are you going to betray us?”
Law: “No.”
Anyway, Luffy says that idea seems interesting to him, and that even if Law isn’t a good guy, everyone should be fine because of their two years of training.
Franky and Chopper return to their bodies.
Nami comes out of Franky’s body and goes into Sanji’s (because her own isn’t there)
Thanks to Franky’s rampage, Chopper is immobile.
Chopper wants to save the kids, but Law says to leave them alone. It seems the World Govt. is still researching how to turn humans into giants.
That Caesar already figured it out seems to have slipped right under the govt.’s and Vegapunk’s noses.
Nami says that she at least wants to confirm their safety by getting them off (?) the island. Luffy agrees, saying he’ll do whatever his friends want to do.
Luffy says that Sanji has become a bit attached to the Samurai (emotionally, I believe…) so won’t Law help them out? Law is surprised.
Usopp counsels Law. He says that the alliance he has in mind is probably a bit different from what Luffy believes it is, so he would be naive to try to suddenly make a power grab. He already thinks of himself as yonkou class (Luffy? not sure)
Without a choice, Law agrees. He leaves the matter of the samurai to the crew, and says that he’ll work on researching the matter of the kids and their drugs. He asks the ship’s doctor (Chopper…) to come along.
Because he still can’t move, Chopper gets on top of Law’s hat. Law is astonished.
In the end, it looks like Chopper gets strapped to Law’s sword. Law tells Chopper about Caesar. Those unable to use haki shouldn’t approach him.
Luffy says that he, Zoro, Sanji, and you (Law) can use haki.
So those members should kidnap Caesar. With his capture, Law’s plan can start to unfold. But from there, there’s no turning back. And capturing him will be no simple task.
In the lab, Caesar’s underlings (the remodeled former prisoners) and Smoker’s marines are fighting. But Caesar doesn’t try to capture them to use as guinea pigs; instead, he summons his pet… (?)
On the fiery side, the underlings open the gate. A giant slime emerges and annihilates them.
Not sure if it’s gas or something else.

Edit:Seems we don't get to hear the name of the Emperor,but still i think i got a boner reading this spoiler

Originally Posted by UzumakiUchiha View Post
So this is the final volume. This means One piece is coming to an end but the volume might be a lengthy one.
What gave you that idea,i mean hell OP has still a lot more to offer unless the final chapter is gonna be 100-200 or more episodes

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