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Re: One Piece 668

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Something caught my attention about the cover. The flowers are gone ( not the strange thing ) and now blades surround their graves. Does that signify that more WB pirates have fallen ?

I'm surprised that Law is finding this kind of interaction alien. I don't think it's because he isn't used to it ( He was chilling against Bepo's belly once ), this could really mean that his crew suffered some terrible fate and this sort of interaction is bring back memories.

Who is the Yonkou that they are targeting ?
I didnt actually think about that, the fact that more WB Pirates have fallen that is. I couldnt help but look at the picture on Ace Grave though obviously could hardly make out what it is but I wonder what that could be.

You might be on to something about Law though. Imagine that him and his crew fought Kaidou for instance, from what we heard from Moria when he went to New World his whole crew got slaughtered by him, whats to say thats not the case here ? Also would give him a reason to want to attack Kaidou too.

And never got the name of the Yonkou god damn Oda hes a master at making us wanting more !
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