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Re: One Piece 668

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. The reason why kids are only disappearing in the G5 area is because that's where CC is located. He's the one actually taking the kids. Joker (or intruder, as smoker calls him), doesn't necessarily have to operate in that area. He just needs to be in a position where he can manipulate information regarding the area. So Akainu could very well be joker, since he can be sitting at his desk in Marineford altering documents and misleading the press on the issue, and not have to directly be there himself.

How would he be focusing on one area? All he'd be doing is suppressing a few news articles about missing children, and checking in from time to time for a progress update. That's hardly taking up much of his time.
Hm I dont know, Akainu would be a major twist and Oda is famous for those, but I cant really imagine it sorry dude. My bet is on either the Warlord Don Flamingo (( sent to kill moria sorry cant mind his full name )). Joker seems like a name he would happily take up from all the times weve seen him hes been pretty crazy and laughing. Or it will be the boss hes working under in the Goverment, the one who tried to have Moria killed.
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