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Re: One Piece 668

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
There is a no chance it could be Don Flamingo. First off, what would be his motive; to kidnap children? He's the guy that likes to deal with more important things like fucking around with WG and the balance of power.
What are you basing your opinion of his personality off of exactly? So far he's been one of the most whimsical pirates shown. He killed his own subordinates just for losing to the SH's, gave away his Human Auction House just because it "didn't interest him anymore", and played around with marine officers like puppets while admirals were standing right there watching him.

Like I said, this guy is the ultimate trololololololol character in OP. Can't you just see him helping CC in his operations just to lulz at the results?

Second, Smoker mentioned that the mole is from G5, meaning this person must have been working there for a while.
In case you missed it the first time...
Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
^That doesn't mean that Smoker's deductions are correct though. He's just making a guess based on what he knows at the moment.
If you were in Smokers position and something were only happening in your area, then you would naturally assume the culprit would have to be in that area also. NOBODY would automatically assume the person responsible would be the someone high up. Just like if a platoon of soldiers did something wrong in a war (Abu Ghraib comes to mind), your first guess would be to investigate the local and regional commanders, and not assume "ZOMG, the president must have ordered it!!!!!!", even though the possibility of the president ordering it is still there.

Second, Don Flamingo is a Shichibukai. A pirate working at a Marine base would be weird.
Who knows what that guy does in his free time? We've seen most of the Shichibukai have other places they live when not being summoned to do stuff, but does that mean they can't hang around a Marine base if they wanted? They are government workers after all.
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