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Re: One Piece 668

Originally Posted by uzumakinagato View Post
Since cc is a traitor of the WG i don't see how it could be Akainu since the WG made him fleet admiral and Akainu doesn't seem the type of guy with a "double agenda".

Btw is someone else also looking forward to the appearance of Coby?

My fav character, can't wait to see what happened with him, looking forward to see his new char. design.

I really have high hopes for this guy.
I actually am looking forward to Coby appearance too, I mean alot of possibilities with him he and Luffy had both started training in Haki and it was hinted he was going to learn from Garp so alot could happen with his character.

But I stand by what I said before I think its either Don Flamingo or the 'Boss' who told him to get rid of Moria.

And on the note of characters to see again, I'm dying to see BUGGY ! Just hope he did infact become a Warlord
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