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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

This is a time line based off a prediction predicting the events in a time line of 1 year after the end of the war followed by 5 years after the end of the war and so on. As you can see my belief is that after tobi goes down we will see an era of peace but if kishi decides to keep the series going he will probably pass it off to a new generation. This idea is all fan fiction of course but its how I would do it if I were gonna write that series.

1 year later...

Rookie nin:
Chouji: Chouji and Ino get married also in a grand ceremony attended by many in the leaf village.
Lee: Lee joins sakura at the new academy as a bodyguard to sakura who seem oblivious to Lee's obvious crush on her still.
Naruto: Naruto marries hinata in a ceremony attended by several representatives of the various nations. It is later determined that same day that hinata is pregnent with their first child.
Neji: Lord Hyashi decides to make Neji the future leader of the hyuga clan as he senses naruto will be hokage one day and can't lead the clan.
Sakura: At the urging of Shizune and Tsunade, Sakura works with the other nations to create the first neutral medic nin training academy.
Shikimaru: Shikimaru accepts a long term job of serving as the new mission coordinator for the sand village as the five nations create a program to promote a better relationship between nations by allowing others to know what life in the other villages is like.

Tsunade: Tsunade works with Sakura and Shizune to start groundwork on creating a neutral medic nin academy with the other villages while at the same time creating a first ever swap program allowing the other nations to send nin to work with other villages thus ending the days of secrets hidden from other nations.
kakashi: Concerned that sasuke may still pose a threat to naruto, kakashi creates a unit to hunt down the remaining akatsuki members.
Guy: Guy joins Kakashi's unit to hunt down the remaining members of akatsuki while watching kakashi to be certain sasuke does not kill him.
Garaa: Garaa goes through the proceedure to reinstall the bijuu in himself and starts a relationship with a young jonin recruit.

Itachi: Itachi fed up with sasuke's betrayal at killing kabuto vanishes promising to find a way to undo edo tensei.
Madara: Madara attempts secretly infiltrates several of the villages creating a network of spies and informants to watch over the villages.
Sasuke: After his failure to kill naruto, sasuke takes control of the former holdings of orochimaru to start an empire of his own.

5 years later...
Rookie nin:
Chouji: Chouji and ino both retire as Chouji becomes a cook at a local resturant while Ino raises their son senjuro who seems to be gifted in mental abilities much like his grandfather.
Lee: Lee is enjoying the life of security and peace at the medic nin acedemy while teaching some of the young recruits how to rely on taijutsu when too low on chakra.
Naruto: Naruto settles down to watch over his children as they prepare for the ninja academy. Things change though when tsunade is forced to vacate the office of hokage due to illness and Naruto is chosen by the daimyo to be the next hokage.
Neji: Neji celebrates the prepares the sons of naruto as well as his own sons with tenten for their eventual joining of the ninja academy.
Sakura: Sakura works endessly to train the newest recruits at the new hospital while enjoying their fond friendship with lee.
Shikimaru: Shikimaru and his pregnent wife Temari return to konoha as Shikimaru accepts the job of headmaster of the ninja academy.

Tsunade: Tsunade experiences a grave illness as her healing abilities rapidly deteriorate leaving her an invalid. A decision is made that naruto is to be made the next hokage as the final request of Tsunade before leaving office.
Kakashi: Kakashi returns to the leaf village after successfully taking down several powerful criminal oranizations but unfortuntely unable to find sasuke. Naruto convinces him to serve as mentor to his two sons, jiraiya and naruto junior as they prepare to enter the academy.
Guy: Guy watches over the son of Chouji/Ino as well as young son of asuma sarutobi who is entering on his first year into the academy.
Garaa: Garaa gets celebrates the birth of his first child and promise to create a new era of peace in the sand village.

Itachi: Itachi learns from an ancient fortune teller that the sons and daughter of naruto will hold the key to defeating madara. Itachi decides
to return to konoha incognito and watch over the children of naruto.
Madara: Madara prepares to make an assault on the hidden leaf village collecting numerous rogue nin together to create a criminal organization
greater than akatsuki.
Sasuke: Sasuke becomes exceedingly insane after experiments with orochimaru's technology radicly alter his abilities in hopes of finding
a way to defeat naruto. Sasuke sends karin to the leaf village with his son to live in secret as spies in konoha watching over the children
of naruto.

10 years later...
Rookie nin:
Chouji: Chouji returns to the ninja academy after realizing he is better at teaching the new generation than serving as a cook.
Lee: Lee is continually annoyed by his failure to escape from the friend zone he has been placed in by sakura. Lee looks to guy for advice on love but sadly fails in each of those attempts.
Naruto: Naruto sends his daughter, Hiko, to the ninja academy under the tutelage of the headmaster shikimaru. Naruto's two sons prepare for training under kakashi as well as the eventual chunin exams.
Neji: Neji celebrates a bitter sweet birth as tenten bares him a daughter but dies during its birth.
Sakura: Sakura watches over hiko with curiousity as does kakashi as they recognize her particular problems with fighting jutsu but particular attention to detail on accuracy. Kakashi suggests that maybe Hiko should join the medic nin academy despite her young age.
Shikimaru: After the unfortunate loss of temari during the birth of his son, Shikimaru has devoted all his efforts to training the next generation to be stronger than the one before it. Unfortunately this causes friction with his son who is jealous of his father paying special attention to naruto's sons instead of him. This causes him to leave the village and join the sand village to train with Garaa.

Tsunade: Tsunade is living as an invalid in a seperate cottage near konoha attended to by shizune.
Kakashi: Kakashi accepts a new assignment as the jonin and mentor for naruto's two sons while also taking a serious interest in Hiko who reminds him of a young tsunade.
Guy: Guy is saddened by Lee's failure to win sakura's heart but finds new enjoyment with his newest genin, senjuro as well as Neji's twin sons.
Garaa: After years of suffering Garaa has shikaku removed and placed into the son of Temari who wish to serve the sand village as his mother once did.

Itachi: Itachi is concerned about the sudden rise of madara and sasuke as both continue to grow stronger as their two empires grow in size and numbers of people working with them.
Madara: Madara seeks a base of operations and attempts to create a treaty with sasuke in hopes of one day carrying out an attack on konoha itself.
Sasuke: Sasuke secretly brainwashes his son and tells him to spy on the sons of naruto in hopes of finding a way to use naruto's sons against him. His son secretly discovers the brainwash and with the help of jiraiya is able to overcome it. Sasuke senses that jiraiya be the next itachi and focuses his efforts on finding a way to brainwash him instead.

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