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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched. It shows Hell. Faust it's held by chains like Sasuke was. Mefisto comes near him.

Mefisto: My dear will pay for allowing Uchiha Sasuke escape.
Faust: Mefisto, i handled the tortures of Hell for a long time now. Nothing that you will do to me, will make me suffer.
Mefisto: I don't plan to torture you, Faust.*
Faust: Hmpf...then what is your plan?
Suddenly an unknown voice is heard. A man dressed in red appears next to them. Mefisto bows at his sight.
Yama: I want to give you an opportunity to escape the Hell...Faust.
Faust: Opportunity to get out of here? Seeing you, angel of death, it means that i have to do something dirty, that you can't for this. Two questions i can make sure that you will respect your word and really leave me alone after i finish your mission? And what's out there for me? Nothing.
Yama smiles: Clever as always Faust. I swear that i won't bring you back in Hell, and neither of the demons will. And about what awaits you out there, in the world after you're done...nothing i guess. But it's a new world. I'm sure that you aill find something to do.
Faust: And what's the mission?
Yama smiles: You have to lead an army.
Faust: And army? Why me?
Yama: Be serious Faust. You're the most redutable warrior in Hell. You were made for this position.
Faust: And, against who?
Yama smiles menacing: The winners!

The scene it's switched. It shows Sasuke landing at the front gates. There, a large army is seen wielding light element blades. He spots Krishna wielding the same blade. Sasuke goes to him.
Sasuke: That's Naruto's jutsu. How can you use it?
Krishna: At base, it's an Angel's power. Naruto simply did what no mortal before him has done. He awakend this powers inside him. Much like you did with the Demonic release.
Sasuke: Interesting. many forces do we have?
Krishna: About 10.000 soldiers.
Sasuke: And the enemy?
Krishna: 20.000.
Sasuke: So each mam must take down two angels. Do you think they can handle it?
Krishna: I don't know. If their General will rise their morale...maybe...
Sasuke: Then why don't you keep a speech?
Krishna: Because i'm not the General.
Sasuke confused: What do you mean?
Krishna: fought in two wars before. And you ended countless battles. You are made for this position. You will lead them to victory.
Sasuke: Me?!?
Krishna bows before him: Yes, you...General Sasuke.
Sasuke: Then...i guess that i have to say something to them.
Sasuke instantly makes a handsign and a wall of earth rises before him. He jumps on the wall and looks at the army.
Sasuke: We have fought countless battles. Some of them together...some of them alone. And we have won so far. I know that you're afraid of what's going to come through that door...but you shouldn't! They are men like you! If they can bleed, they can be killed! If they have a weakness, we will exploit it! If they make a single mistake, we will use that moment to kill them! We will win again today! Nobody can defeat the powers of the Celest City! And if they want to come in here...THEY WILL HAVE TO PASS THROUGH ALL OF US!!! ARE YOU WITH ME?!?!
The army shouts, all at once: Yes we are General Sasuke!!!
Sasuke smiles.
Sasuke: One more thing...General Sasuke sounds me: The Dark General!
Army: Aye, Dark General!
Sasuke:'s the day...WHEN THE ANGELS DESERVE TO DIE!!!
As soon as Sasuke shouted this words, the gates are opened and the army dahses towards the near enemy. Sasuke leads it towards another battle in the Celest City. Suddenly he raises his hand and the army stops behind him. The army of angels is right in front of them.
Sasuke looks at them.
Sasuke: Krishna come with me!
Sasuke and Krishna goes alone in front of their army. Immediatly Quintrix and an Angel comes to them, to talk.
Sasuke: Quintrix.
Quintrix: Krishna, Sasuke.
Sasuke: Why did you betray us?
Quintrix: I was never on your side or Raiden's. I always served Michael.
Sasuke: Hmpf. Why are you here today?
Quintrix: Isn't obvious? I'm here to aprehend you and Naruto.
Sasuke: What for?
Quintrix: That's Michael's wish. I must comply.
Sasuke: Very well. But we don't need to confront the two armies. We could fight one on one. If you beat me, you can have us. If i beat you, you will do as i wish.
Quintrix:'s a reasonable request. Obviously we don't have to spill so much blood. And Michael didn't specify how to get you.
Sasuke: So? What do you say?
Quintrix: I agree, Sasuke. If i win, you and Naruto are coming with me. If i lose, me and my army are at your mercy. But if i win i have another request.
Sasuke: And what's that?
Quintrix looks at Krishna.
Quintrix: You will hand over to me, Krishna!
Sasuke: I'm afraid that i cannot decide for his fate. It's his choice.
Krishna looks at them.
Krishna: Fine. I will come with you if Sasuke loses.
Quintrix smiles: Then, i think that we have an agreement.
Sasuke: Indeed. Meet me back here in a couple of minutes.
Both parties returns to their armies.
Krishna: Are you sure, Sasuke?
Sasuke: Krishna, do you trust me?
Krishna: Damn it, Sasuke! I put my life in your hands! Don't you think that i trust you?
Sasuke: Then why are you asking me if i'm sure? Of course that i'm sure. With Naruto out of the game because of his training with Vishnu, it's our only option for avoiding a blood bath.*
Krishna: Hmm...Quintrix looked sure of himself. He is confident that he will be victorious.
Sasuke smiles: Well then...i will have to prove him wrong!
Sasuke turns around and slowly walks towards Quintrix. The angel faces him with pride in his eyes.
Quintrix: You were never able to defeat me, Sasuke. What makes you think that you can beat me now?
Sasuke:'s true...before i wasn't able to kill you. But now, i am since i learned something new.
Quintrix: Something new?
Sasuke: You will find out soon enough.
Quintrix: I guess...then..shall we?
Sasuke instantly draws his blade and appears in front of Quintrix. The angel creates a blade out of nothing and clashes with the Uchiha. Soon, they are exchanging blows all over the battlefield. Quintrix takes a swing and Sasuke dodges the attack by leaning back. The Uchiha uses the momentum to release from the tip of his finger a thin lightning ray that penetrates Quintrix's shoulder. The next instant, the place where Sasuke was gets hit by a powerful purple wave sent by Quintrix. The Uchiha lands several meters back.
Sasuke makes a couple of handsigns:*Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Meteorites assasult!
Hundreds of meteors are plunging towards Quintrix. The angel makes a handseal and sents an array of purple beams that destroys all the meteors.
Sasuke smiles: I guess that it's enough for a warmup, don't you think?
Quintrix smiles: That was the warmup? I thought that we were just stretching a bit.
Sasuke: Hmpf...skip the arrogance, Quintrix. You will learn now...
Quintrix: The true power of an Uchiha? I'm tired of that line.
Sasuke smiles: I wasn't going to say that. No Uchiha will ever have this kind of power. I was going to say that i will show you the true power of Hell!
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Hell release! Soul biding!
The ground below Sasuke tears apart. The Uchiha is floating about a tremendous hole, that deep down glows in red. Suddenly hundreds of red beams comes to the surface and wraps around Sasuke's body. The scene it's amazing. Hundreds of screams, cries and suffering shouts are heard around the battlefield. The souls from the Hell were released by Sasuke and shaped around him. Suddenly a deep silence appears. And in the next Sasuke the place around Sasuke gets a very intense red light. A giant beam of red light erupts from his body towards the sky. As the light fades away, the panel shows Sasuke in a different outfit. His body it's covered in a skeleton-type armor alongside with half of his face. The place where his eye is, behind the half of the skull mask, glows red, revealing his Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The other eye contains the Sharingan too. Sasuke wields now a red energy sword. Below the waist he has black pants with black boots. Strapped at his back it's a long cape left to flare out into red ragged ends. His entire appearence reassembles a demon not a human being.
Quintrix makes a few steps back, shocked and deeply scared by Sasuke.
Sasuke: That's right. Since i went to Hell...i learned that i can harness the powers that are stored in there. So...this is my new appearence. My new power. Prepare yourself Quintrix. I haven't tried this yet. I don't know how much powerful i am. I guess that you will make a perfect test for me!
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