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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel it's switched. It shows Vishnu sitting in the top tower and looking from his window at the battlefield.

Vishnu: So...he found a way to harness the power of careful using such powers you are getting closer and closer to Raiden. Be careful not to succumb into darkness once again, because right're on the edge..hmpf...if things gets to intense down there, i will have to step in.

The scene shows a nearby cliff, above the battlefield.

On the cliff, is sitting*a man dressed in a white long jacket, with short blonde hair, a blue eye and a red one, with a long scar comimg down from the red eye and wearing a white glove around his right hand. Faust watches the battle from distance. Behind him lies a army of demons.
Faust thinking: That kid...he managed to control the Hell's power. It's above what Yama, Mefisto or even Raiden are doing. If he escapes from the leash...nobody will ever be able to stop him. We might assist to the birh of a new dark entity...

The panel shows Quintrix facing Sasuke.

Quintrix: You're a monster!
Sasuke: No Quintrix. I am your deepest fear. That's what i am.
Quintrix: Go away from me!
Sasuke: I thought that you were a friend. But i never fully trusted you. Never. I guess that i was right. I will end you here, today, Quintrix.
Instantly Sasuke is behind Quintrix placing his hand on the angel's shoulder. Quintrix jumps back immediatly holding his shoulder.
Quintrix thinking: Fuck! He breaked my shoulder just by touching it!
Sasuke: It's time. You will have the death that will suit you...the one of a coward. Not even your body will remain.
Quintrix shouts desperate: Blazing rage!
He shots a powerful purple beam st Sasuke. The Uchiha simply deflects the beam with his right hand. Then, he makes a swing with his red energy sword towards Quintrix. The last panel shows the former god and angel vaporized by the attack. Nothing remains from the former spy of Raiden, Vishnu and ultimately Raiden. The angel is gone with the wind.*
Sasuke turns around facing the army of angels that watches in terror how their general got atomized by Sasuke.
Sasuke shouts: I'm the Dark General of the Celest City and the Human world! Your general has perished! Do you swear your alliegience to the Celest City, Human World and Lord Vishnu? Or do you want to share Quintrix's fate?!?
Instantly the whole army of angels bows before Sasuke as he looks at them.
All the angels: We swear Dark General our forever loyalty to the Celest City, Human world and Lord Vishnu! From this moment we are at your orders!
Sasuke: Not my orders! Vishnu's orders! He is alive and he will command you!
Angels in once voice: Aye General!
Sasuke turns around and walks towards the City. As he walks, the skeleton armor slowly vanishes from his body and he returns to his regular state. Sasuke walks into the City while being applaud by the countless citizens who watched the outcome of the match. He walks straight towards Vishnu's tower, and soon enters his room. Vishnu turns around and looks at the Uchiha.
Sasuke: From this point you have under your command 20.000 more soldiers. It's your job how to deal with them.
Vishnu: Thank you, Sasuke...
Sasuke: Don't mention it.
Vishnu: For a moment there...
Sasuke: You thought that i would snap. That i would be controled again by the negative emotions. No. I promised myself that i will never be like that again.*
Unknown voice: Good. Because you scared the crap out of me.
Sasuke turns around and looks at Faust. The man sits in Vishnu's chair, resting his legs on the table.
Faust : Hey there, Sasuke...Vishnu...
Vishnu: Faust. I assume that you are here to bring Sasuke back in Hell.
Faust: Exactly. His red eminence Yama Dharma gave me this mission. Of course that i won't obey.
Sasuke: Wait a moment. You said something about having Faust get me out of Hell...
Vishnu: Exactly. Faust is my connection with Hell. A long time ago he helped another friend of mine to escape from there.
Faust: And he made a poem about it. Good lord. Anyway...i think that you already know that an army of demons it's just around the corner waiting for my signal.
Vishnu: That will never come.
Faust: It will come. Shaped as an army of 20.000 angels. I've got their first mission!
Vishnu shouts: Krishna!!!
Krishna instantly enters the room.
Krishna: Lord Vishnu.
Vishnu: Order the Angels to hunt down all the demons nearby. They will go at full force.
Krishna: Aren't you afraid that they will betray us?
Vishnu: No. They saw what Sasuke could do to them. And hearing my name was enough proof for them that they should stick with our side.*
Krishna: Aye, Lord Vishnu.
Krishna leaves the room, leaving behind Sasuke, Vishnu and Faust.
Sasuke: Where is Naruto?
Vishnu: I prepared a room for him. He is resting.*
Sasuke: What happend to him?
Vishnu: I awakend his dormant powers. That process took a lot out of him. He will sleep probably for a couple more days. He is oblivious to what happend.*
Sasuke: Let's keep it that way.
Vishnu: Understood.
Faust: Cut the chit chat. Sasuke, Vishnu...i think that we have a conversation to do.
Vishnu: That's right. What do you know about Raiden?
Faust: Enough to tell you that he is not what Michael thinks he is.
Vishnu: What do you mean?
Faust: He answers to another entity. An entity that he calls "master" .*
Vishnu: So he is not Lucifer?
Faust: I haven't said that. I don't know actually. His behaviour and display of power points out that he is Lucifer. But i don't know who or what the other guy is.
Vishnu: Damn it. There are still too many questions and a few answers. What about the Creator? Do you have any news?
Faust: I'm afraid that i don't. But...the Hell was shaked not too long ago by some power that we never felt before. An angel was killed almost instantly by someone in Konohagakure. And we know that it wasn't the Hokage or Sasuke, because one was trapped in the Heavens and the other one was in Hell with Mefisto.*
Sasuke: I didn't felt anything.
Faust: Only the damned souls feel when an angel falls. You still have a long way to go in order to became a damned soul.
Vishnu: So you say that it happend in Konoha? Maybe the Angels attacked the place...
Faust: Name one guy able to kill an angel besides Naruto and Sasuke.
Sasuke with revelation on his face: Zero!
Vishnu: Zero? He may have that restraining ability but he cannot stop an angel.
Sasuke: Actually he can. During the time when Raiden controled Naruto...well let's say that Naruto wasn't too far from killing me. Zero was nearby and something happend with him. The Creator manifested inside him. He stoped Naruto instantly and freed him from Raiden's control. We had a short conversation.
Faust: It makes sense. Only the Creator could have killed an angel so easily.
Vishnu shocked: So the Creator is among us!*
Sasuke: Yeah...i think that he protected Konoha.
Faust: In that case we don't have to worry about that place anymore. No harm will come to it since the Creator is there. Not even if Raiden comes at it with his full power.
Vishnu: That's really some news. Does Naruto knows about this?
Sasuke: No he doesn't.*
Vishnu: Hmm...anyway...we need a plan.
Sasuke: First of all tell me what really happend with you.
Vishnu:'s a long story.
Sasuke: Make it short.
Vishnu: Fine...i really died by taking that attack sent by Raiden, for you. I felt how the life was leaving my body. Soon i found myself floating in a white space. It was very peaceful. Until a deep voice called my name. I answered it and i was dragged here in the Celest City not too long before you got trapped in Hell. I waked up inside my room in my body. I felt much more powerful then when i was in my prime. I felt like i was given i new purpose. Why, i don't know. What purpose i don't know. But i know now who did it. I was confused before you told me about Zero, but now i'm certain that the Creator brought me back!
Faust: Touching. Now we have to deal with the current problems: Raiden!
Sasuke: I don't get it Faust. You're a damned soul. You are doomed to spend your eternity in Hell.
Faust: Yeah but i can get out for some amounts of time if i want.
Sasuke: So what's in for you?
Faust: Well...after Raiden's demise...even the Hell will need a King, don't you think?
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