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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel it's switched. It shows Yama walking through a large corridor with Raiden.

Raiden: How is everything going?
Yama: Very good. Faust got in. They trusted him.
Raiden: They are making the same mistake that they did with Quintrix.*
Yama: Exactly. They fell for it. We may be able to break the Heavens, but we cannot measure with Vishnu for now. He is back and his power levels are at crazy scales.
Raiden: My powers are also raising.
Yama: Also...Sasuke used the souls from Hell in order to defeat Quintrix. He killed him in an instant.
Raiden: We must handle with care the boy. If they suspect anything...
Yama: Vishnu would end his life instantly.
Raiden: Exactly.*
Yama: So...what's our next move?
Raiden: Well, the master gave our direct instructions to stay away from Konoha. I don't know why, but it seems that he fears about something lurking around that place. Anyway...we need to get our hands on two things.
Yama: The three treasures...
Raiden: And Hyuuga Hinata.
Yama: Naruto will do everything to protect her.
Raiden: And we will wait for him. Once we got Hinata we can restore my full ocular powers. And with the three treasures we can allow the Master to take his righteful place.
Yama: Good. Everything is going well.
Raiden: Indeed. Now, Yama...your next mission it's plain and simple. We need someone. Something that can give us leverage.*
Yama smiles: I think that i have the right person in mind.
Raiden: Good. In the meantime, i will make preparations. *I must go now...the Master awaits for me.

The panel shows Raiden with a shadowed figure.

Master: Raiden.
Raiden: Master, everything is going well.
Master: Good. Now, Raiden...before we aquire the three treasures, we need a sacrifice.*
Raiden: Who do you have in mind?
Master: We need someone pure. Someone that it hasn't being corrupted. You will travel to the mount Olymp. You will bring me Aphrodite. She is perfect for the next part of the plan.
Raiden: What about the gods? What if they oppose me?
Master: You will kill them all.*
Raiden: Aye, master.*
Raiden leaves. The master remains alone. He reveals a list. The panel shows the list from a scene behind the master, hiding his face from sight. Several names are seen: Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga, Itachi Uchiha, Aphrodite,Faust, Chronos, Kurama, Brahma, Gabriel, Marduk, Zalmoxis, Peter.
Suddenly a voice is heard.
Unknown voice: What do you have in there?
Master: The list of exceptional humans who had the potential of becaming gods.*
Unknown voice: Hmpf...interesting. Who's on the list?
Master: It's none of your concerns Michael.
Michael steps into the light revealing himself.
Michael: You're right. It's not. How it's everything going?
Master: Just as planned. Do you have the Heavens under your command?
Michael: I do.
Master: Perfectly. Because i have news for you.
Michael surprised: Have you found him?!?
Master with a threatening voice: I have found the Creator, Michael. And it's time to eliminate him!

The end.

So this is it. Tell me your thoughts. I decided to make the chapters shorter because i noticed that people are losing their interest if i make six or seven posts.
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