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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Vish - why do you do this to me man, lol. First off, love the story. About the only thing I'm not a fan of is Naruto taking a freaking nap longing than a weekend. I mean serious, how can a guy with Sage powers of recovery plus the Kyuubi's heal power and chakra reserves still be laid out for 2 whole days to recover. Seems like the biggest of stretches at the point where war is on the brink. Any how, bro you got more twists than a bag of Twizzlers. So at the end you drop a list of names, some we've yet to encounter, that have God level potential, by an unnamed villain who just so happens to be in cahoots with from both sides - Heaven AND Hell. Lol, you wanna make my head explode. Top that off with Faust, an unlikely stand-up hero for Sasuke as another double agent on top of Quintix, who I thought died at the hands of Sasuke but was later talking to Raiden again?? Anyway, as usual the writing was excellent. Love the new additional power upgrades with Sasuke though. Never liked the idea of them being straight up bitches to the Archangels & Demons of Hell.

Now a couple questions: What the hell happened to Vishnu? Under no circumstances can a guy, who didn't have the power to eliminate Raiden, come back without explanation to have his power upgraded beyond measure while the previous power he handed off to Naruto still be in effect. I believe we gotta know something there.
Another question, I'm curious why you wrote in Faust when you had the PERFECT character that had escaped hell, the only person ever to accomplish that, but he never gets inserted back into the story or at least get some brief extrapolation on the Purgatory aspect. But again, you could just been in the mood to jump past the small stories with other big ones on the horizon. Either way, I'm enjoying this damn thing to the fullest. Great job as usual.....
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