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Re: One Piece eps 549

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Nami's never been in an environment to know Haki, and she dosen't have DF powers, like Ussopp told her before the time skip, those are the 2 most vunerable members of the SH's with no expectation of a great power boost, or hax, they survive off of their intelligence, wit, and knowledge. I'm glad everybody's not boosted, though I'm in the minority Ussopp and the freaking slingshot has worn out its welcome in my book.

At least the author was smart enough to enhance the capabilities with plants from that crazy island he trained on, and in the beginning, slingshot, for his character made sense. Now they're on the second half of the Grand Line, the enemies are retarded strong, and though everybody dosen't have to have the same weapons, I don't think anyone else in the One Piece Universe has been seen with one, its soon gonna be time for Ussopp to switch to guns even though a lot don't want him to be like his Dad specifically, but he's a sharpshooter. He needs a freaking gun in his hand, heck BB carries and I'm not thinking he's the best of shots, he relies too much on his DF, that will be his demise... watch.

I understand everyone dosen't have to have a 'smart' weapon, like the Dude from Ussopps island with the Cat Claws, but his tech not so far off of Wolverines, can't really hate on that much, except for the Stupid Cat Footwork. Tha slingshot though, ugh, its very near time for its end.
I dont know I mean who is to say Weatheria scientists dont know about Haki ? But Im honestly not too bothered about Nami having haki just at this given moment think about it though man maybe in the future she might along with Ussop and the rest who dont as One Piece has only just hit there Time Skip, and that means were in for a shit tonnes of chapters still.

Sadly I disagree on the whole slingshot thing, I quite like it as its Ussops thing if that makes sence, nobody else uses it and I dont know if you saw the episode of Ussop Vs Luffy, anime wise they used a lot of stuff not in the manga like the ninja stars and such and proved to be of great use. Dont see Ussopp as being a person with guns, I mean the only people on the SH crew who have nothing against killing an opponent are Zoro and Robin, slicing or basically disabling them for life.

The cat claws, at the time they were cool but looking back and seeing them compared to what we have seen now yes i will agree very retarded.
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