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Re: One Piece 669

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Probably a Coup de Bust boost while using Luffy was a platform.

She used them to land safely. Wouldn't it be insane if she engaged Monet in aerial combat ?

Lol at Brook's reaction to Zoro displaying sense of direction.
Great chapter good laughs and its all going to start getting even more better next chapter, with some of Robin and Franky getting the spotlight.

Actually I have been thinking that for a little bit since Thriller Bark, Robin said she could only keep the wings for 10 seconds, but think she did have Franky weighing her down at the time. And from what we have seen so far with her Menos hands in seawater mind you. So I think there is a good chance Robin has been able to increase the time she can use her wings. And that would be the best person to fight against Monet at this moment.

Oh Luffy you can never get tired of him, most likely Law is smacking his head against a wall saying to himself. " What was I thinking " " Why did I tell him the full plan "
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