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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The next chapter it's up guys. This one was fast. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Naruto: The Divine Plan.

The scene shows Konoha. It's focused on the Hokage mountain. On Tobirama's head a boy sits down in a meditating position.

Zero thinking: I won't accept this! I want to live my own life! I want to be free!
The Creator's voice inside his mind: It's your destiny, Zero. You have no choice.
Zero: Destiny can be changed.
The Creator: It's a false illusion. Nobody can escape their destiny.
Zero: I will.
The Creator: No you won't Zero. It's your destiny that you are my vessel. That my power will manifest inside you.
Zero: Did you ever considered that i don't want this? That i want my life to be different? That i want to be a regular shinobi? Not that i want to be God's best pal?
The Creator: You don't understand...
Zero: No, you don't understand! I always lived in doubt. My abilities granted me some confidence, but my whole life was lived doubting my abilities. When i was finally powerful enough to stand up for my own, i got stuck with you. You're just another one trying to control me, trying to subdue me. Tell me...WHY ME?!?
The Creator: Because of your feelings.
Zero: My feelings are opposed the way you want me to be.*
The Creator: You want to be a free man. To make your own decision. To not be constrained by a destiny. I'm affraid that it's impossible child.
Zero: Then i will find a way!

The scene shows the Master and Michael.

Michael: So, you've found the Creator?
Master: Not quite. I know his whereabouts. He is in Konoha.
Michael: Konoha...i sent there two angels. They should have returned by now.i'm sure that they have news for me.
Master: If the Creator found them, i'm not so sure that they will retunr in once piece.
Michael: Yeah, you're right. It may be possible. Let me know when you find out his real vessel. I will send an army of angels to defeat him.*
Master: Like the army that you sent against Sasuke and Naruto?
Michael: What do you mean?
Master: Hmpf. You don't know. Of cae straight to me. Your army was defeated. Their general, Quintrix was killed by Uchiha Sasuke. 20.000 Angels bowed their heads before the Celest City. You just gave them a power up.
Michael: I cannot belive this! Quintrix killed by that brat?!?
Master: It seems that he aquired some interesting powers.
Michael: Well those angels won't serve him. They will return to me.
Master: I'm not so sure of that. You see..they aren't under Sasuke's command.
Michael: Then who commands them?
Master: The rumor is that Vishnu is back.
Michael shocked: Impossible! He is dead.
Master: Remember that he was the most powerful of the Archangels. We were all afraid of his anger.
Michael: Now that you mention it, Gabriel betrayed me. He pointed that he acted under Vishnu's command.
Master: So the rumor might be true. Be careful Michael. If those two boys got Vishnu to defend them again...we are having a slim chance to win this.*
Michael: I don't think so. I'm much more powerful now then he was during his leadership in the Celest City.
Master: Then...we have a hope. Go now Michael. I will let you know if something comes up.
We will kill Father! I promise you!

The scene it's switched. It shows Sasuke, Faust and Vishnu.

Faust: Even the Hell needs a King.
Sasuke: You're kidding me. You help us only to became the King of Hell?
Faust: Pretty much. I'm not content about fighting the Heavens or Raiden...but it's my only choice.
Vishnu: We talked about this Faust. Once we reach a balance once will have your prize. Now as you said the important matters. What did Sasuke do with that transformation?
Faust: He mutilated hundreds of damned souls lying in Hell. It's a good job though because he ended their misery. By using them, he permanently killed those souls.His power comes from the souls trapped in Hell. Since there are bilions, and keep on coming you won't drain Hell's power to soon. But...If i was you I would use that power as rarely as i could. It's not a healthy approach. Trust me.
Vishnu: Interesting. Use the enemy's power to fight against him. That's something.
Faust: Indeed...
Sasuke looks at Faust with interest.
Sasuke: What's your story, Faust? Why are you a damned soul?
Faust suddenly gets a melancholyc air.
Faust: I made a deal with a demon. During my life time. And now i'm paying the cost for what i have gained back then.
Sasuke: What kind of deal?
Faust instantly gets angry: It's none of your bussines Sasuke! Mind your own problems boy!*
Vishnu: Enough you two. Now...our main concern it's the recovery of the three treasures. We cannot let them fall into the enemy's hands. Where are they stored right now, Sasuke?
Sasuke: In Konoha.*
Vishnu: Good. I will go there personally to retrieve them. In the meantime your mission will be to travel with Faust around the ninja countries. You must speak with each Kage and explain them the situation. They must be prepared for a full scale evacuation, here in the Celest City.
Sasuke: Do you think that they will accept this?
Vishnu: They have to accept the situation. Otherwise they will be turned into ash. We need thheir full cooperation.*
Faust: True enough. Now...what happens if we encounter Yama or Raiden?
Vishnu: If you encounter them you run away as fast as you can.
Sasuke: I can beat Yama.*
Vishnu: Trust me. You cannot beat him. While he was in the Celest City he never showed his true power. He is the wielder of death. I still have to figure out a way to kill the Death itself.
Faust: It's going to be tricky.
Vishnu: Indeed. So...focus on your mission. You can take out any angel, or people sent by Raiden. But if you encounter those two run.
Faust: What about Michael?
Vishnu: Michael won't come to Earth personally. Not until he knows that his arrival will end everything. He is very arrogant. Probably he will sent his brother, Raphael. Be careful about him. Just like Michael and Naruto he wields the light element.
Sasuke: I noticed that the Blue Guard also has access to light element blades.
Vishnu: I gave them that. Since my reborn, i discovered a lot of my lost abilities as an Archangel.
Sasuke:'s nice to know that you're back and you're on our side.
Vishnu smiles: I will always be on your side, Sasuke.

The scene it's switched. It shows Vishnu descending towards Konoha. He lands right in front of the maim gates. Instantly Kakashi and Asuma appears behind him trying to restrain the former Archangel.*

Kakashi stops seeing who is the man that just appeared before them.
Kakashi: It's not possible! You should be dead!
Vishnu smiles: I am very much alive. How are you Kakashi Hatake? Sarutobi Asuma?
Kakashi: How comes that you're alive?!?
Vishnu: Honestly i don't really know.*
Asuma: Do you know anything about Naruto or Sasuke? They went both missing! Konohamaru assumed his position as Hokage until Naruto appears.
Vishnu: Don't worry about them. Naruto is in the Celest City and Sasuke is currently visiting the other Kages. We have a situation here.
Kakashi: Situation?!?
Vishnu: Raiden.*
Kakashi: Understood. Come on...let's go. We will assemble the Council. You will tell us everything there.
Vishnu: Exactly.*
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