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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Konoha's council room. Around the table are Konohamaru, Itachi, Jiraya, *Tsunade, Minato, the Third, Shikaku and Vishnu.

Vishnu: Raiden is preparing a full scale attack. He failed the last time when he wanted to kill all of you. Now he is ready for his last battle. The powers that he amassed are beyond imagination. We will need the full force to whitstand the urgy that he is about to unleash.
Konohamaru: What about the other villages?
Vishnu: Sasuke is traveling as we speak to all the Kages. He organized a meeting.He will tell them about our plan.*
Tsunade: And what if Raiden attacks them first?
Vishnu: I will permanently have a group of Beyonders in each village.
The Third: Do you think that they will be able to stop Raiden?
Vishnu: No. They will provide me a link with all the people in the village. That way, if Raiden attacks, i will transport instantly all of the citizens in the Celest City, thus saving their lives.
Jiraya: It's a good plan. And then what? Do you have the power to kill the bastard?
Vishnu smiles: I have that power. He is affraid to fight me and he will try to encounter Naruto or Sasuke on the battlefield.*
Itachi: And they can face him?
Vishnu: At this point they are both training for that. Sasuke is training during his journey with a friend of mine, that's more suited then me to show him how to use his powers. And Naruto is training directly under my command. When i'm done with them, they will be both able to face Raiden.
Minato: You are bringing bad news, Vishnu. But you also brought hope. Now...what do you want from us?*
Vishnu: The three treasures. Naruto needs them.
Shikaku: You're talking about the Totsuka sword, the Magatama Jewel and the Yata mirror?
Vishnu: Exactly. Also we don't want Raiden to get his hands on those objects.
Konohamaru: Then they are yours.*
Vishnu: Thank you all for the support. This's the last one. There will be no returns, countless sacrifices but if we win this...we will be free. Free from the terror that Raiden was all these years. I am puting my life on the line for the Earth!
Itachi: It means a lot to us Vishnu. More than you think. We thank you!

The scene shows Vishnu leaving Konoha's council room.*

Vishnu thinking: Now...let's have a chat with Zero.
He instantly vanishes and a second later he appears behind Zero on the Tobirama's head.
Zero turns around and spots Vishnu. He cannot belive his eyes.
Zero: You''re alive!
Vishnu: Indeed. Now Zero,if you don't mind...i want to talk with the other you.
Zero: Other me?!?
Vishnu with a powerful voice: Father!*
Suddenly Zero's eyes glows white. The Creator's voice is heard.
The Creator: son...long time no see.
Vishnu bows before him.
Vishnu: Father...
The Creator: Stand up, Vishnu. I belive that you want to talk with me, son.
Vishnu: What should i do, Father? My brothers are at war...Michael and Lucifer will end up killing eachother, and the Earth, your creation, your masterpiece that you had me to guard's the battlefield.
The Creator: I know what you're saying my son. Michael sent here two angels to kill everyone. Obviously i didn't let them. You're walking a difficult path.*
Vishnu sits down near the Creator.
Vishnu: And it seems that it's not even up to me...everything it's centered around those two boys...
The Creator: Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. The good and the evil. The purity and the filthy. Naruto has a determined path. He will walk a path of light. But Sasuke it's unpredictable. He may fall and join the evil, or he may prove himself worthy. Even i don't know. The boy's connections with both sides doesn't allow me to see his destiny.
Vishnu: But i don't understand what happend. A lot of strange stuff happend around those two. Nobody was able before them to travel through time. Nobody was able before them to trick Lucifer. They were both, right from the beggining powerful. Above the most powerful shinobi power level, but still in the human limits. But after their first time travel their power increased drastically. Soon after they traveled again through time and their power increased again without them noticing. I was getting worried. I thought that punishing them would give an example. But they killed the Beyonders that i sent after them. That was something unseen before. They helped me discover a plot against me, and i found myself fighting with them side by side. They were my comrades. And with every fight i was amazed by them pushing their limits. Now...they are above any angel's power. Naruto Uzumaki is trying to get above my level...and Sasuke...if he manages to control the Hell's power...he will be much more powerful then any Archangel alive. Everything it's connected to them...and the strange thing it's that Naruto's growth was natural...expected...he has the potential. But Sasuke...i'm amazed by the kid. He shouldn't be so powerful...he shouldn't access those power levels without dying. And yet he does.
The Creator: I had a plan for this world. I determined each men's fate long before they were born. Everyone has a destiny to accomplish. Each and every one of them. Zero's destiny was for example to contain my astral projection. I know everything that happend, that happens right now and that will happen with each living creature that exists. But...i proved that i have a human nature. I made a single mistake. My plan for this world has only one flaw...that could ruin everything.
Vishnu confused: I don't understand....
The Creator: Uchiha Sasuke. I never allowed him to be born, i never controled his destiny, and i don't know his future. It's like he is beyond my reach.
Vishnu: You mean that...!?!
The Creator: That boy exists outside my divine plan. He lives a life that it's not under the rules or bounderies that i established so long ago. He is the sole exception from my plan. He can grow more powerful then myself if he finds out that he is not a subject to my control.
Vishnu: Sa basically you're saying that Sasuke is an abomination? Somethin that should cease to exists?
The Creator: Not something that should cease to exist. Someone that should never existed in the first place. Now that he is's going to be impossible to bring him down. Raiden knew this. That's why he took advantage of made a connection with him. The only way to kill Raiden permanently it's by Sasuke's hand. He is the only one who can sever that connection.
Vishnu: Michael thinks that Naruto has to eliminate Sasuke, thus he can kill Lucifer.
The Creator: It a nonsense. Michael has different plans. He doesn't want to kill his brother.*
Vishnu: He wants Raiden's head.
The Creator: He wants Raiden's head. Not Lucifer's.
Suddenly Vishnu gets up surprised.
Vishnu: You mean that...
The Creator: Exactly.*
Vishnu: I understand...finally i understand.
The Creator: You have a big role in this my son.
Vishnu: But why, Father? Why did you left the Heaven? Why did you allowed all of this to happen?
The Creator: Because it's time my son. The end it's near. I only allowed the battle of Armageddon to take place. This war of yours...will end everything. My creation grew, and it's time for them to fulfill their destiny.
Vishnu: So it doesn't matter if we win or lose?
The Creator: It matters. Because if you lose you will all be sent in the Purgatory. The ones who get defeated, will suffer. The Armaggedon it's not a battle for deciding the fate of the world. It's a test to determine who is worth to live in a new, peaceful world. Who is fit to access the Paradise. Humans, Angels and Demons. All together will fight against one another for their spot. That's shat the Armageddon it's about. Or, it was supposed to be about.
Vishnu: And because of Sasuke's intrusion it won't go as planned.
The Creator: Exactly. That's something about him that changes everything. His very existence affects everything. And the worst thing it's that i'm not decided what do with him. The correct decision would be to kill him immediatly. But something tells me that he will have a huge role in the upcoming events.
Vishnu: Indeed...i feel the same way too. What about Naruto?
The Creator: Naruto Uzumaki. He is a pure being. He will have a great destiny. He will lead the humanity in a new era. After he will manage to control your powers, he will rise above the Archangel's powers. He is a worthy successor.
Vishnu: Successor?!? For what?
The Creator: For me, of course.
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