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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Sasuke entering the Celest City's training grounds.

Sasuke: You called me?
Suddenly Vishnu appears behind him.
Vishnu: I did. Naruto needs a partner.
Sasuke: For what?
Vishnu: Training. He needs to fight someone close to his level.
Sasuke: And that would be me, huh?
Vishnu: Exactly.
Suddenly Naruto also lands before them.
Naruto: Hey Sasuke. What do you think? A sparring match between us...
Sasuke smiles.
Sasuke: Actually i am quite eager to fight you. *
Vishnu: Perfect. can go both all out, but without killing eachother. The training ground it's surrounded by an extremly powerful barrier that won't let any of your attacks escape and destroy the City.*
Sasuke walks towards Naruto and he is smiling.
Sasuke: God...i waited for this a very long time.*
Naruto: So did i. Are you ready, Sasuke?
Sasuke: I am always ready.
Vishnu: Perfect. Get set. Ready! Fight!!!
Vishnu instantly dashes out of the battlezone leaving the two humans facing eachother.
Sasuke looks at Naruto and they are both smiling.
Almost instantly Naruto makes a handsign and he sents two shadow clones at Sasuke. The Uchiha hits one of the clones in the neck, and grabs the other, piercing the clone's chest with a fast chidori.
Sasuke: Don't tell me that Shadow clones are the best you can do.
Naruto: Not even close.
The former Hokage appears right in front of Sasuke wielding a blade of wind. Instantly Sasuke draws his own sword and manages to block Naruto's attack. Naruto uses the momentum to jump above Sasuke and makes a couple of handsigns.
Naruto: Fire style! Dragon flame!
He spits a powerful beam of fire at Sasuke. *The Uchiha places his hands on the ground and covers himself in a earth dome. The fire destroyes the dome but Sasuke remains unharmed.
Sasuke: Naruto...i don't think that we should waste our chakras with such attacks.
Naruto: I agree. Rinnegan!
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!
They both activated their doujutsu and they take a battle stance.
Vishnu thinking: They are already fighting seriously.
Naruto makes a couple of handsigns.
Naruto: Let's how how your Susano'o takes a light release...Light release! Purity blast!
Naruto unleashes a powerful white beam at Sasuke, but the Uchiha covers himself in the Susano'o. The ethereal creature manages to stop the blast. At the same moment Sasuke shouts.
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Demonic ways! Crossroad power!
The jutsu renders Naruto paralyzed, as from north, west, east and south, four red light appear in the ground, with the Uzumaki in the center. When the beams touches eachother, the place where Naruto is explodes in a giant blast. As the dust clears up the panel shows the Kyuubi's vessel barely harmed.*
Naruto: Kurama isn't my partner for nothing. I can negate an attack by releasing the same amount of power that the attack has.
Sasuke: Interesting. Then, i guess that between us, right now, it's not a battle of skill but of endurance and power.
Naruto: Exactly. Now...give me your best shot, Sasuke.
Sasuke smiles: As you wish...Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Hell release! Soul biding!
Sasuke releases from his body a powerful dark light. The next second he is enveloped in his skeleton armor.
Naruto shocked: So...Vishnu told me about thatnew *power of yours. But i never expected to be so demonic...
Sasuke: Hmpf. You wanted the best Naruto.
Naruto: Exactly. Now...Sasuke...i think i have something to counter your new form...
Naruto starts releasing his chakras. *First he gets in Sage Mode, then in Kurama Mode and then makes a handsign.
Naruto: Light release! Heaven's armor!
Instantly Naruto gets enveloped in a white energy. His outfit it's changed. He wears a *white plate with a tree design on it, white armguards and a long white coat. He wields in his right hand a white energy sword.
Sasuke: Interesting. Your new mode it's opposed to mine.*
Naruto: Prepare yourself!
Sasuke: Same there!
The scene shows Vishnu's concerned face as he dashes towards them.
Vishnu thinking: I must stop them! They went to far! But i don't think that i will make it in time!
They both instantly dash towards one another being ready to clash Naruto's white energy sword against Sasuke's dark energy blade. Just when they are about to clash, a man appears between them, and catches with his bare hands both blades, stoping the attack.
Sasuke shocked: What the...!?!
Naruto: He stoped it!
The panel shows an angry Faust looking at them.
Faust: Have you learned nothing idiots? You don't show this kind of powers! And you certanately don't use them against you!*
Sasuke thinking: What powers must Faust wield, to be able to stop both my blade and Naruto's ?!?
Vishnu lands near them.
Vishnu: Great job Faust.
Faust: You're an idiot too. You don't let them go that far.
Faust makes a sign and he vanishes from their sight.
Sasuke: What's up with him?
Vishnu: He is mad...because he thinks that the more powerful someone is, the more that person should hide his true nature. It's his philosophy.*
Naruto: But he is quite powerful himself. To be able to stop our blades...that's a hell of a feat.
Vishnu: Faust is powerful. But you will never see him exposing his true power, unless the situation it's desperate. Now...let's end this..and go back to my office!

The panel shows Raiden entering a giant Greek temple located on a mountain.

Around him are gathers several people.*
Raiden: Gods of Olympus. I'm searching for Aphrodite. Where is she?
A tall man, with grey beard and long hair, wearing a simple white robe looks at Yama.
Unknown man: Raiden...You won't find help here. Aphrodite won't come with you.
Raiden: Mind your own bussines Zeus. I'm not talking to you.
Zeus enraged lets out a couple of lightnings.
Zeus: Watch your tongue Raiden!
Raiden: Or what? I could kill you all in an instant.
Unknown woman voice: It's not necessary. Why are you here, son of destruction?
A stunning woman appears in front of them. She wears a greek robe, has long blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a perfect body and face. She represents the beauty with pride.*
Raiden: *Aphrodite. I'm here for you.
Aphrodite: Many have comed here for me, but none left with me yet.
Raiden : Everything has a start.
Aphrodite: You think that you will be the first one to take me.
Raiden: I know that. Now...will you come in peace or do i have to force you?
Suddenly Raiden gets surrounded by several gods.
A tall black bearded man, wielding an axe looks at him.
Raiden: Ares...get out of my way.
Ares: You will not leave this mountain in one piece Raiden.
A blonde man that has a flame sword also speaks.
Apollo: You've made a mistake by coming here.
The other gods remain silent waiting for Raiden to do something.Aphrodite retreats at Zeus's back. He stands on his feet protecting her.
Zeus: As you can won't have her without a fight. I don't care about your plans. I won't allow you to live.
Raiden smiles: Allow me to live? You think you can kill me, Zeus?
Zeus: I think that we can.
Raiden smiles menacing: Think again.
The panel shows the giant Greek temple, located on the summit of Mount Olympus, from above. Suddenly a purple light erupts from the temple, destroying everything.
The next scene shows the interior of the temple. All the gods are on the ground. Several of them were burned to the point where nobody could ever recognize them. Raiden is shown unscathed.*Aphrodite was also not touched by the attack. Raiden walks towards her but a hand grabs his leg. The panel shows a bloody Zeus standing on the ground and holding Raiden's leg.
Zeus barely talking: You will pay, Raiden...
Raiden: You don't understand, Zeus? You lived so long because we allowed it. Otherwise you would be dead. Now, let go of my leg.
Zeus: No...
The god quicky charges lightnings in Raiden's body. The man smiles as he grabs Zeus by the neck and holds him in the air with his right hand. In Raiden's left hand appears a blade.
Raiden: You old fool. You cannot win. The world it's doomed. We will win. And there is no force that can stop us. So hurry up and die, please!
The last panel shows Raiden that makes a swing with his blade being ready to decapitate Zeus.
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