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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
DIdn't you say this?
I did.

Are these the same dollars? Or Australian vs US dollars? Also, can you even compare minimum wage without giving some information on quality/cost of living in each country? It is a terrible comparison just to say that because you get more minimum wage in Australia things are better - especially if you aren't talking the same currency.
Australian vs US dollars. The cost of living in Aus. is considerably higher than the US due to its large amount of imports. Likewise, the amount of pay is considerably higher to compensate for that. Like the US though many people there make above minimum wage. Not only that, they only have %5 percent unemployment rate compared to the %8 percent we have here. No doubt that the US economy is much larger, but clearly Australia's is the more stable one. Australia was also one of the only country's that didn't go into recession during this last financial crisis. Also seeing as how the exchange rate is $0.97 to one of our dollar, I don't see how it's a far stretch to compare the two.

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