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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Buy? Don't you have libraries where you live? Can't understand why more people don't appreciated the ability to get borrow books for free. I only buy if they are worth re-reading now.

Uh, hm. Where was I?

Annoyingly, it appears my Library lost their copy (or got stolen) to Shards of a Broken Crown, which would have completed the Serpent War Saga portion of Feist's Riftwar Cycle. So I've moved on - read Krondor The Betrayal and about to start Krondor the Assassins, books one and two of The Krondor Legacy in the same world. They aren't all that good...

Read books nine and ten of The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, Chainfire and Phantom respectively. Story is still pretty good but he's bogging it down with philosophy and just endless conversations (one took about 140 pages to complete). Don't see the need, but since Confessor is the last one, might as well finish it. Just have to go pick it up.

Reading Last Light of the Sun by Guy Gavriel Kay. Good story, but apparently in a world he's written a few stories in so you don't get the benefit of history or explanation. Should go back and find The Sarantine Mosaic. They are apparently stories that use a historical backdrop that he alters to fit his needs - some deem it Historical Analogue fiction. This one takes heavily from Viking invasions of ancient England. Recently read Tigana which does a similar thing, but with medieval Italy... and he adds magic, too. He's a good author.

Also trying to get to Wolves of the Calla, book five in the Dark Tower, which, of course, is excellent and should be on everyone's reading list.
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