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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Lucifer: Hello brother. Long time no see.
Lucifer steps into the light for the first time. He is a tall, blonde man, with red eyes and beatiful features. His posture it's very confident and menacing. He wears a long dark robe and red boots.
Vishnu: We aren't Archangels anymore Lucifer. Neither of us. You don't need to call me brother.
Lucifer: But i feel like you are my brother. Aren't you, Vishnu? Or maybe you're Michael's brother?
Vishnu: Michael? I'm not your brother anymore. Not to you, not to Michael. I ceased being that since the day that i left the Heavens to guard the Earth. Also, i'm not here to fight either of you.
Lucifer: I know. I've heard that you died.
Vishnu: I was dead...indeed. But i'm back.
Lucifer: Do you have a reason for that?
Vishnu: Actually i do. I have a task given by my Father.
Lucifer: A task? What kind of task?
Vishnu: Obviously that i cannot say.*
Lucifer: And why are you here, Vishnu? I don't think that this is just a visit between old friends.
Vishnu: Of course that it's not. You actually fooled me Lucifer. I honestly thought that Raiden was you. But i figured it out eventually.
Lucifer: What can i say...deception it's an art, and i am its master.
Vishnu: We are all aspects coming from Father. But you're different. He also placed in you his evil side. Have you ever wondered why, Lucifer?
Lucifer: Actually, no. I'm just evil. It's that simple.
Vishnu: You cannot lie to me, Lucifer. This question haunts you actually.
Lucifer: Ok, you got me. Tell me, why? Why i was given this burden?
Vishnu: Well it seems that everything has a purpose. We are going towards a conclusion.
Lucifer: You mean the Armageddon? The final battle between evil and good? The Creator's grand retreat plan? No we are not, Vishnu. The Uzumaki brat will never stand as the Creator. If there is someone that will do it, it will be either me, or you. You actually suggest that Father wanted me to be evil in order to have the Armageddon.
Vishnu: You forgot about Michael?
Lucifer: Michael it's an ambitious one. But he lacks the necessary focus.
Vishnu: And how would you know that?
Lucifer: Because i'm stealing power from him, for centuries now. And he didn't even noticed.*
Vishnu: Interesting. And how exactly do you plan to stand as the Creator?
Lucifer: It's simple. Kill the current one.
Vishnu smiles: Not even the Heavens powers can bring Father down.
Lucifer: I might have an ace.
Vishnu: You want to use Uchiha Sasuke. Since he is not subject to the rules that our Father set. Since he is an abomantion.
Lucifer: Exactly. I only allowed this war and every event to happen, only to make Sasuke grow. Once he will be at the peak of his power i will guide him towards the Creator. If the boy manages to control everything that he was given...he will be unstoppable. The sole being in the entire Universe that could bring our Father down.
Vishnu: And yet...he is on my side.
Lucifer: Don't worry. He will come to my side. You will see.
Vishnu: Not of i have something to say.
Lucifer: Hmm...time will tell us. Anyway...i guess that you want to go. And you here obviously because Aphrodite is here. Otherwise you would have no chance in finding us. Probably she has some sort of tracking seal on her.
Vishnu smiles: You got that right.
Lucifer: So he was your man? Good choice.
Vishnu turns around and grabs Aphrodite by her hand. He looks at Raiden.
Vishnu: The boys are coming after you, Raiden. And they are extremly nervous. I would be careful if i were you. I won't kill you because it's their destiny to do it. Actually just the destiny of one of them.*
Lucifer: So long, Vishnu.*
Vishnu: Thank you, Lucifer. The next time that we will see eachother...will be on the battlefield. You will show me there your legendary powers.*
Lucifer: They are legendary indeed, and they live up to their name.
Vishnu smiles just before he fades away with Aprhodite: Even legends fade away.

The panel shows Dante in his cave. Three days have passed. Yama suddenly appears in front of him.

Yama: Dante. Three days have passed. You must have a decision.
Dante: I do, Death God. But first i want to hear your reasons. Why do you want to go to the Purgatory?
Yama: I don't.
Dante: Then who do you want to bring out?
Yama: Nobody. I want to seal someone inside. The one that i'm talking about escaped both Hell and Heavens. The Purgatory it's the only place where i can send him.
Dante: Then i will help you, Yama Dharma.*
Yama: I must warn you. We are at war. You might have to fight some people in order to see again Beatrice.
Dante: I defied both the Heaven and Hell. I escaped even the Purgatory. Do you think that i can have mercy for anyone in this world? No, Yama...the world it's rotten. And it deserves to be destructed. The world needs a purification. I heard about a war between gods. But they failed to do something. I noticed slight changes in the time flow. I sensed that amazing powers are rising all over the world. I heard the Creator talking. I smelled the burned flesh that it's about to come. I know that the world it's going to end, Yama Dharma. And frankly...i don't care. I'm a sellfish man. The Hell denied me. The Heavens refused me. The Purgatory rejected me. And on the Earth i'm an outcast. I don't have any choices left. I will go with you and i will help you Death God to end this misery that the humans are calling home. We will burn down their shelters, their lives, their souls. And through fire everything will reborn.*
Yama remains silent looking at Dante.
Yama thinking: The pain that he has been seems that he is the right man for us. And with his unique powers, we will be unbeatable!
Yama: Then, come with me Dante!
Dante: Oh, i will come with you Death god! I will come with you!
Dante places his hand on Yama's shoulder and they both vanish.

The scene shows Vishnu appearing in his office with Aphrodite.

Vishnu: Back home at last.
Aphrodite: I thought that you will never come.
Vishnu: I'm took me a while to track the mark that i have placed on you. Lucifer it's not easy to find. Neither is Raiden.
Aphrodite: What is, Raiden? Clearly he is not the Devil.
Vishnu: He never was the Devil. He is just a puppet in Lucifer's hands. He is the first demon that he created. Soon after he was banished from Heavens, he took an angel and he tortured him so bad that a monster appeared. Lucifer implanted the monster in a woman, and nine months later she gave birth to a child. A child that in his first night of life, killed an entire village. Lucifer came and took him under his wing. He had Raiden posing as him all the time in order for him to carry with his plans. He tricked all of was a very complex plan. We need to assemble to council. I just declared war to Lucifer, and to Michael it seems.*
Aphrodite: We will talk more about this at the council.
Vishnu: Indeed...
Aphrodite grabs him by his neck and drags Vishnu towards her. They both kiss with passion.
Sasuke's voice: Ehem. -he coughs, but the couple doesn't notice. Sasuke clears his throat and now Vishnu spots him.
Sasuke smiles: And here i was thinking that you went on a dangerous mission all by yourself, puting your life on the line.
Vishnu laughs: I actually did. I saved her from Raiden.
Sasuke: A damsel in distress. Why am i not surprised? And i guess that she sticks with the hero right now.
Aphrodite: He is my hero for a long time.
Vishnu: About 3000 years.
Sasuke: Talking about long relationships.*
Vishnu: Anyway...we need to cut the chit chat. We have to call a council.
Sasuke: What kind of council?
Vishnu: A big one. The biggest one that has ever been. A council that will reunite humans, angels, demons under the same roof. I will prepare everything. We have a lot of talking to do.
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