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Re: One piece 671

My only problem with Aokiji is the fact he aided straw hats before. Even has respect for Luffy and his team. Akainu or Lava dude won the position of Fleet Admiral and now Aokiji is out of the picture. I didn't see any frost or ice usage in this pic. They both did seem to exhaust themselves right around the same moment. Oddly enough I see ICE LORD or Aokiji to be a friend and ally of the SH and Law. Being how old Aokiji is and his relationship with Nico Robin I doubt he would be the man behind the scenes. He doesn't seem the type to hold a death grudge against the WG or Admirals. If anything this could be the Joker guy we were hearing so much about. If not maybe another higher up of the Govt lackeys. CC would have a serious trump card having Aokiji, Joker, Slime, and others at his disposal.

On another note to attempt to side with does seem if (Aokiji) he is sucking maybe the air to make it hard to breath (thin). I see Law exhaling and white clouds are puffing around. If indoors I would expect the room to be at room temperature thus eradicating low temps. It does seem as though someone using a DF ability but not sure. His clothing does remind me of Aokiji though without a big collar. (obviously clothing could of changed during the past two years.) It would be interesting...right now though siding with it could be another guy..
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