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The 12 Days of Anime (Past yearly creations)

Since a lot of you like my Naruto 12 days, I'm going to put up the rest of my 12 days of 'Various Animes' from past years here. Starting with Rurouni Kenshin.

WARNING: Those of you unfamiliar with the first 2/3 of the RK series may become terribly lost during this. Spoilers ahead. (And please note, due to the size, this one willhave to be in two posts. Sorry for the inconvenience)

The Twelve Days of Christmas
With Rurouni Kenshin

Sung by the Cast of Rurouni Kenshin with the help of composer, Kiarae.

All: On the first day of Christmas, the Meiji gave to me...A Sanosuke in a Pear Tree!!

Sano: Hey, I just wanted to get a pear. *jumps down* No way I’m staying up there.
Kiarae: Get back in the tree!
Sano: Futai no Kiwami! *disintegrates tree* What tree?
Kiarae: SANOSUKE!?!
Kenshin: That wasn’t very nice Sano. Now what do we use for a tree, I wonder?
Sano: Who cares what you use. As long as I’m not the one stuck in the tree.
Kiarae: *drags Sano into a nearby Oak*
Sano: What the hell do you think you’re doing, missy?
Kiarae: *sets up an old-fashioned camera* This should keep you still. One wrong move and it’ll ‘steal your soul.’ Megumi, I’m leaving you in charge of the flash.
Sano: Hey, wait a minute!
Megumi: I suggest you sit still Sanosuke. *waves the flash*
Kiarae: Now that that’s out of the way, we can keep going. Pear has now been replaced by Oak.

Aoshi: On the second day of Christmas, the Meiji gave to me...Two Kodachi!!

Misao: Lord Aoshi is so cool with his Kodachi!
Yahiko: Uh Misao, you’re drooling again.
Kiarae: I think she’s in deeper than Kaoru is.
Kaoru: You say something?
Kiarae: Not a thing.

And Sanosuke in an Oak Tree!!

Kenshin: Such a devoted girl you have Aoshi.
Aoshi: I still mean to kill you.
Kenshin: Hey now, there’s no need for that. I was making an observation, that I was.
Aoshi: Keep your observations to yourself.

Saito: On the third day of Christmas, the Meiji gave to me...Three sneaky creatures!!

Saito: That would be the Fox, the Raccoon, and the Weasel.
Kaoru Megumi, & Misao: Who are you calling sneaky!?
Saito: *lights cigarette* No one important. *starts walking away*
Misao: Lemme at him, lemme at him, LEMME AT HIM!!
Okina: *tries to hold Misao back* Calm down Misao.
Misao: Lemme go, Gramps!
Sano: Hey, ya hear that? I’m not the only one that calls you a fox.
Megumi: Don’t make me come up there and whack you. *threatens him with flash again* Or make me do something worse.
Kenshin: You shouldn’t pay him any mind, miss Kaoru, that you shouldn’t. That is just how Saito is.
Kaoru: That’s right, Kenshin. His opinion doesn’t matter.
Kiarae: The why are Yahiko and I holding you back?
Kaoru: Wha... *bushes and sits back down*

Two Kodachi...
And Sanosuke in an Oak Tree!!

Megumi: On the fourth day of Christmas, the Meiji gave to me...Four Rival Women!!

Megumi: Allow me to pour some wine for you, Sir Ken.
Kenshin: But Miss Megumi, you are supposed to be guarding Sano.
Kaoru: Guess you’re too busy, Megumi. Here’s some wine, Kenshin.
Kenshin: Thank you Miss Kaoru, but I can pour my own.
Megumi: See, Kenshin doesn’t want any help from you. He’s not interested in little girls.
Kaoru: You’re the one he told off first, old lady.
Megumi: Better and old lady than a spoiled child.
Kaoru & Megumi: *start fighting with each other*
Kiarae: *guarding Sano* Didn’t I see this in Tenchi? *sweatdrop*

Three Sneaky Creatures...
Two Kodachi...
And Sanosuke in an Oak Tree!!

Tomoe: Who are those women?
Kiarae: How did you get here?
Sano: ZOMBIE!! It’s gonna steal our souls!!
Yahiko: Geez, you’re such a girl Sano.
Shura: Is there a problem with girls?
Yahiko: *under his breath* Well, you are wearing pants.
Shura: *strangles Yahiko*
Kiarae: Maybe verse four was a bad idea.

Sano: On the fifth day of Christmas, the Meiji gave to me...Five...Steaming...Beef Bowls!!

Sano: Yeah, everyone to the Akabeko!
Misao: No way! We’re going to the Shirobeko!
Sano: Akabeko!
Misao: Shirobeko!
Kiarae: HEY! *regains control* You don’t get a say, Sano, because you’re not coming out of that tree.
Tae: Besides, Sae and I brought the food here.
Okina: Yes, we can party right here at the Dojo! Drinks all around!

Four Rival Women...
Three Sneaky Creatures...
Two Kodachi...
And Sanosuke in an Oak Tree!!

Ayame & Suzume: On the sixth day of Christmas, Uncle Kenshin gave to us...Six Piggyback Rides!!

Ayame: Come on you promised Uncle Ken.
Suzume: Yeah, you promised Uncle Ken.
Kenshin: All right now, I’m coming.
Kaoru: But Kenshin, we’re not done singing yet.
Kenshin: That isn’t a problem. It’s hard to keep singing with Okina shouting, that it is.
Kiarae: I think he’s singing, Kenshin.

Five Steaming Beef Bowls!!
Four Rival Women...
Three Sneaky Creatures...
Two Kodachi...
And Sanosuke in an Oak Tree!!

Does anyone here feel that I have a little more than a simple obsession?
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