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Re: Naruto 591 Predictions/Spoilers

Naruto 591:The Last Jinchuriki ( A FANBOY PREDICTION)
Sasuke: Time to go and destroy Tobi for what he did to my clan
Kabuto: Wait Sasuke! Nor you nor Naruto are strong enough to beat Tobi. You have to become stronger in order to beat him
Sasuke: I don't have time to become stronger.
Kabuto: Whoever said that becoming stronger will require much time
Sasuke: What are you talking about?
Kabuto:I can make you stronger by giving you all these new powers I obtained. I no longer require them as I just want to be myself now, and not Orochimaru
Sasuke: Which powers will I have access too?
Kabuto: You will have access to the hydrification jutsus of the Hozuki clan, rapid healing abilities of the Uzumaki clan, ability to draw in natural chakra whilst moving, ability to use your bones as weapons, using sound based genjutsu, ability to latch onto other living beings, ability to use earth style jutsus and absorb chakra, ability to use web based jutsu and finally sage mode.
Sasuke: So in short, all the abilities you have stolen from people
Kabuto: Not all. My own abilities and Orochimaru's won't be transfered.
Sasuke: Fine lets start the process.
(Scene where Naruto fights Tobi)
Naruto(tired): It seems I have been able to push you to your limits after all
Tobi(tired):{He has surpassed KYF in speed} I shall finish this soon
(The Alliance Arrive)
Sakura: We are here for you Naruto
Naruto: Hi, Sakura
Tobi:{I shall use this opportunity to seal the 8 tails}(uses Demonic statue and seals Gyuki)
Naruto:{He used that distraction to seal master B} Why you. Using such a cheap trick
Tobi: This is war. You must have heard the famous saying, Everything is fair in love and war
Naruto: In that case, you won't mind me stealing me 8 new friends back
Tobi:What do you mean?
Naruto: Just look at your statue
Tobi: (turns and sees the leaf 11 minus Naruto have managed to bring the statue down and have restricted it movements
Naruto: Kakashi, Gai sensei, can you hold Tobi off while I free the tailed Beast
Kakashi: Sure thing Naruto
Gai: Naruto, go I'll cover you
Naruto: (heads to the statue and prepares hand seals)
Tobi(Tries to go near Naruto but is stopped by Kakashi and Gai): Why you. I won't let you take my tailed beast from me
Naruto: They are not your tail beast. They belong to nobody, no village. If anyone tries to take them, I'll come to rescue my friends(Chains come out enter demonic statues mouth)
Tobi: {That jutsu, how did he learn to use those chains}
(Naruto manages to pull out the 8 beast and seal them within himself and collapses afterwards)
Naruto(in his subconscious):I managed to save you guys
Kurama: We don't have time guys, please sync with Naruto so he can beat this masked guy and bring peace to the ninja world
(all 8 beast fist bump Naruto giving him access to all their powers)
Naruto(awakens from subconscious with 9 tails each representing a different beast): time to end this
Kakashi: He managed to unite the 9 beast
(scene switches to Sasuke)
Sasuke(in full Susanoo mode): Looks like these abilities helped me cheat to achieve a full susanoo
Kabuto:{this Susanoo is stronger than the one Madara has}
the end
This was written by my friend so I just asked him for this so I can post it here. Hope its not too cheesy
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