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Re: Naruto 591 Predictions/Spoilers

A Jericho Prediction

"All Things Said"

We see Madara glowing. He looks down at all the Kages.

Each of the Kages are keepibg their guard up.

Madara, "it seems the ending of this fight will be robbed from us. The caster of the jutsu has cancelled it, by force or his own decision."

Tsunade,[was it Naruto?]

Tsuchikage, "it seems our faith was placed accordingly."

Madara is suddenly right in front of the five kages.

"I will not allow you to lie to yourselves or the ninja you govern over."

Raikage, "lie?!"

Madara, " yes. Today you did not stand against Madara Uchiha and defeat him or fight to a stand still. I am not the Madara that the 1st Hokage fought and defeated quite a few times, but in turn was defeated at times himself."

Mizukage, "what are you saying?"

Madara, "i am at a level even he would gave trouble with or be defeated by. I am mot saying you are at his level because you survived. I am saying....i should have killed you all sooner. "

They all looked surprised.*

Tsunade, "really? You speak as if you could have. We were not so easy to defeat. You did not accomplish this."

Madara, "i destroyed a great deal of your force soon as i arrived, not soon after that is when you all arrived in soon flash of glory. As if to save the day. In theory a when a Kage enters the fray it becomes the enemies time to be defeated. But five, five should have been enough to stop any foe within moments...even me."

Mizukage, " first your unbeatable now we should have bear you? What are you really getting at?"

Madara, " you did nothing, i heard the promise you made the boy's clone. You failed, that is my point. Also, there is only one of you here that would have survived if took this fight serious."

They all look at Tsunade.

Madara, "Since that Uzumaki child is not here, there is none *present that would stand a chance against me during my days. Anyone that can stop the onslaught of the 1st Hokage's *jutsu ...gets my respect as an equal."

Gaara, "amazing, someone like you can give him such a compliment. Did you not just say you do not take children seriously?"

Madara(slightly smiles), "Uzumaki tend to demand notice, as i am sure you have seen. *My question is when did my clan finally leave your village, Senju?"

They all look at each other.

Tsunade, " their all dead. "

Raikage, "except one, Sasuke Uchiha *the rogue ninja, he will be dealt with for his crimes after this war."*
Madara is starting to be pulled away,
"all except him. I don't have time for details, i don't know his crimes against you but i do know that being an Uchiha at times your actions are not always understood. "

Tsuchikage, "your time is up, whatever you have to say do it now."

Madara, "Do not kill the last of my clan, redeem the name of Uchiha, it was once great, it can be again. I chose the path of a loner i was defeated and died without my clan. You five Kage would have died well before now if it wasn't for your Unity. *Konoha was necer my enemy, the Senju did not make it equal as it seemed. Change that Hokage, or find a successor that can. If i am brought back to face you again i will take you seriously."

He fades away.*

Raikage, "hokage, You stepped in front of my fist for Naruto. Will you do the sane for Sasuke?"

Before she even acknowledges him, the Hokage guard emerge.*

Tsunade, "lets go, back to HQ."

Switch to Naruto.*

Naruto is bruised, " no more huge army of dead ninja to control, no mire bijuu to manipulate. I am your opponent, just me?"

Kakashi, " Are you sure about this?"

Naruto, " Kakashi sensei, i know im a Genin still, but sense Im gonna be Hokage. How bout i take the lead on this A rank mission , huh?"

Kakashi, " well i guess it would be okay, you have surpassed me a great deal, i don't wanna get in the way after all."

Naruto, " what, your still my sensei, You got alot left ti teach me. Like how to get a second element into my rasengan and if course how ti be cool. But just do me a favor will ya?"

Kakashi, " whats that?"

Naruto, " when your hokage after this before me, send me in skit if top notch A and B rank missions okay?"

Kakashi, "ha ha, will do."

They give each other the thumps up.

He faces Tobi, "now its your move!"

Tobdara looks on, " dammit."

He starts ti take off his mask, "this starting to feel constricting."

As he removes it everyone is looking on.

We see the back of Tobdara and a close up of Naruto,Kakashi and Guy's face.

Naruto, "..."

Guy,"hmmmm... Anybody know this guy?"

Kakashi, " I do."

Next, "everyone is someone"
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