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Re: Naruto 591 Predictions/Spoilers

592 -593

A Jericho prediction

“Everyone is somebody”

Naruto, “so you are someone after all, who is he Kakashi Sensei?”

Kakashi: “he is Obito Uchiha’s Father, the ninja that gave me this eye when I just became a Jonin. I understand now..”

He flashes back to when Tobi said that Kamui won’t work on him.

Tobi, “yes I am the father of that under achieving runt, I am not bitter that he died on his first important mission, just that he perished even at the surfacing of his Sharinghan. I fault it surfacing at such a young age, proof of his less than average potential.”

Kakashi, “Obito was a great ninja, with compassion and honor, things you lack. In fact I see him in Naruto, very much so.”

Tobi, “which is the thing that makes them both weak!”

He forms hand signs and everyone readies themselves.

Tobi, “summoning technique: Impure world resurrection!”

Suddenly many coffins rise with the Uchiha symbol on them.

Kakashi, “where did he get, wait...the Uchiha massacre?!”

Naruto, “you bastard, you raise Itachi and Sasuke’s dead clan members? Your clan, you have no respect what so ever!”

The coffins all open with ninja walking out among them are Sasuke’s parents.

Guy, “you should be ashamed you foul fiend!”

Tobi look closely boy, it is not just Sasuke’s family here. I am sure you know her when you lay eyes on her.”

Naruto scans the crowd then suddenly he sees, “Mom?!”

Kakashi, “Kushina?!”

{this is bad, not just for Naruto, for us too. She was a Jinchuriki and he put beasts in the other deceased jinks, but the 9 tails is still inside Naruto, so?}

As we get a closer look we see Kushina looking around, “Kakashi? Might Guy? Is that you? “

We see Tobi clap his hands and many different kunai appear with tags in them behind the heads of all the raised ninja.

Kakashi, “Naruto, the kunai control them!”

Naruto, “gotcha!”

The kunai are quickly stabbing themselves into the back of the ninjas heads when.

We see a full page of Naruto holding Kushina in his arms with Chakra arms holding Sasuke’s parents and three more arms crushing the kunai.

Kushina is still in his arms, “that face, these eyes, Mina…Naruto? My son!”

She gives him a big hug and he hugs her back.

Fugaku, “what is going on here? I deduce we have been risen by Edo Tensei or a similar jutsu, am I correct, Kakashi?”

Kakashi, “yes, excellent work.”

Fugaku, ‘I am sorry but I will not be a part of a fight that involves me going against my brothers, dead or not.”

Mikoto, “where is Sasuke, is he okay?”

Naruto, “yes, he is strong and a very powerful ninja of the Uchiha clan!”

Guy Be and Kakashi just look on.

Kushina has stood up now and gets their attention, “I am ready some I hope you know this jutsu, we might need it!”

We see that she has made a few dozen shadow clones.

Fugaku and Mikoto are being willingly sealed by Kakashi.

Naruto has made some clones and is rasengan through the Uchiha clan.

Kushina, fighting her own, “good son, you know the rasengan, but why aren’t you using FTG?”

Naruto, “I don’t know that one.”
Kushina, “KAKASHI HATAKE! You didn’t teach the son of the yellow flash FTG?!”

Kakashi, {uh, oh.} “uhm ,well the thing is it’s kinda complicated for a person like Naruto, Uhm, well he kinda learns different form others.”

Kushina, “what are you saying Kakashi?!”

Tobi, “Naruto is an idiot, your son, the son of the 4th Hokage, holder of the 9 tailed fox…is stupid.”

Kushina stops then suddenly she is surrounded by a chakra cloak, like a Bijuu, all her clones disperse. The Uchiha clan attacks Naruto and the others while they are distracted.
The fight them off just in time for….

The one tailed beast emerges.

Tobi, {the raccoon has the worst attitude, he will destroy them without my persuasion.}

Naruto, “dammit!”

Kurama, {let’s go Naruto, just like last time except…}

We see the Fox in his RS chakra mode with Naruto on top.

Kurama, {we don’t have a five minute limit, save your mom and kick his ass kid!}

Naruto, “I don’t need to save her, look!”

We see inside Kushina is shackling the Raccoon with her chains.

Kushina, “you listen to me raccoon, I am the 9 tailed fox host, you don’t wanna piss me off one tail!”

Naruto, “mom, calm down okay? Hey Shikkaku, I..”

Shikkaku, :save it kid, I already know, let’s go.”

Tobi is suddenly blind sided by a huge rasengan by Naruto in Fox mode.

{how? Dammit I am not gonna be defeated here!}

Soon he fades down into the ground.

He reappears yards away, he is going through his portal.

Naruto, {there!}

He appears as Tobi is going through, he through many small rasenshuriken inside with him as it swirls closed.

We see the others fighting the Uchiha clan, against the signature fire style and the Genjutsu as well as Guy using his signature leaf attacks and Bee back in base mode using his swords.

Suddenly they all stop.

Naruto is seen with a pile of kunai with seals being tossed by his chakra arms.

Naruto, “Uchiha clan, I am Naruto Uzumaki, you were raised by one of your own and controlled, he has left you here. You are free now but I have no way of cancelling the jutsu, only he can do that. I am sorry.”

A lone ninja walks up, it is Shisui, “thank you Naruto Uzumaki, Iowe you, the Uchioha clan owes you for our freedom.”

A voice, “ no, you owe him nothing. He is just a loser.”

They al look to see.

Naruto, “Sasuke.”

Kushina is in base mode, Sasuke, little Sasuke? Your brother?”

Sasuke, “brother? Who are you?”

I am your God mother young man, I am Kushina Uzumaki, your mothers best friend, you meet Naruto right before he was born. Something tells me you two been at it ever sense.”

They both just look at each other.

Kushina, “as I thought, just like brothers always do, trying to out do each other. Naruto I am going now, I am happy to see you again, even you Godson, even though I can see you are lost, but you will find your way.

She is glowing as if being set free of the jutsu.

Kushina, “one more thing, come here Naruto.”

He appears right in front of her.

Kushina, “Uzumaki seal release!”

She jabs him in the stomach causing him to keel over.

Kushina, “you father must have put that on you so ur Uzumaki heritage wouldn’t surface too early, probably didn’t want the village to have any other reason to fear you. Kakashi, you disappoint me….just kidding. You did great I know you trained him, it would only be right.”

She is gone.

Kakashi, {thank you}

Naruto, “Mom. Cough, cough.

Sasuke, “how touching, Uchiha clan…”

Suddenly they all have a look of a zombie in their eyes.

Sasuke, “you will stay out of my way, but kill Kakashi and that fool guy, leave the Cloud ninja.”

Naruto, “Sasuke!”

Sasuke, “what? You think you can defeat me and the Uchiha clan just the four of you huh?”

A voice, “:actually I would love to have a go at you.”

We see the Konoha 11 and the cloud and sand ninja standing there, with some of the Alliance not too far behind them.

Neji, “what do you say we find out whose eyes are better, Uchiha?”

Suddenly Naruto let’s out at thunderous scream and a sonic boom occurs with a great flash of chakra erupting.

A lot of ninja all around are floored because of it. Sasuke has his Susan’oo up.

Kakashi face is shown, “I don’t believe it.”

Kurama, {damn, when she removed that undetected seal all the potential that was blocked came roaring in. This kid has just thrown open the door to his maximum potential, he definitely doesn’t need my help anymore, but this should be fun to watch.}

Sasuke is silent.

We see Hinata walking up to Naruto, he has his head down and blue chakra is pulsating.

Hinata, {I can’t see his chakra network it’s so strong it’s just a blinding light of chakra inside him.} “Naruto, are you…”

Hinata, “al of sudden everything I ever been through has just become super clear to me, everything I veer seen ever heard, ever felt, I know you love me Hinata, I know Sakura doesn’t. Now I realize, I love you too, you remind me of me.”

Hinata, “Naruto..”

Naruto raising his head slowly, “ I also remember every jutsu I ever fought against or seen. Guess what Hinata.”

Hinata, “what?”

We see his eye and a smirk on his face, he has the Full RG with the nine Tomoe.,

Naruto, “I can do every one of them!”

Sasuke, {what are those eyes?!}

Next: The Uzumaki Heritage vs. The Uchiha curse.

sorry the next writing I do will be to continue the Uzu samurai arc in fan Fic thread. Hope you enjoyed this though.
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