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Re: Naruto 591

I actually think we will see Death God plus FTG. Gamma and squad has yet to show Naruto. (OR WHOM EVER ELSE THAT PANEL WAS REFERRING) Naruto will need to do a few more syncs with Kurama to get use to his new cloak mode. With Madara being a onslaught of a beast it will be difficult for Naruto to fight alone. IDK I still think the possibility of Sasuke and Naruto teaming up for the time being. Kages are done for if Madara really achieves a truly revived existence. Still do believe there is a reason behind Tobi still wearing the mask also. Madara is fully aware of who he is...with that in mind I think Madara will leave soon to confront Tobi. Sadly the only person to give Madara the feeling of competition was his little run in with Naruto. The whole Dan angle was utter bullshit. Waste of panel space, why was that necessary besides to give Tsunade some chakra back?! Though if Madara is revived I don't believe he will be the tank his Edo form is. Is this the moment where he casts Rennei Tensei or whatever to bring him back since his soul is still there. who knows...all i know I give this chapter four thumbs down.....wish I had more hands!
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